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Partially Read Books & Page Turning

The first 2 books I read on my Nook kept track of where I was so when I clicked on the Reading Now button it automatically went to the last page I read.  The last 2 aren't doing that any more.  I have to try to remember what  chapter I was on and choose it.  The Furtherest Point Read doesn't work.


I also cannot get the pages to turn by using the bottom screen and "swiping".  Any suggestions?

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Re: Partially Read Books & Page Turning

If you are turning the nook off, you should stop doing that until after the next software update.  You should just put it to sleep.  There is a lot of information on that throughout the forum.  On the swipe, you should be moving your finger before it touches the screen, then touch it lightly in one motion keeping your finger moving from right to left the whole time.

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