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addiing files

When I plug into my iMac with usb, and transfer a file to the Nook icon, it does not appear any place in my Nook. My instructions say there is a built in dictionary. When I couldn't find it in the "Library" I tried downloading it from the B&N website. But I can't find it on my Nook.Where is it? My Nook has software version 1.1.1. I did download a book to my library but I think I did that freeloading on someone else''s wifi in this multiple dwelling.
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Re: addiing files

To sideload a document, you need to place it in the My Documents folder within the Nook.  You can't just drag and drop a file into the Nook's root folder.  If calibre works for the mac, get it.  It can transfer files to the correct folder, convert almost any document into an EPUB, and keep track of all your documents better than any other tool out there.


The dictionary is hidden.  You currently can't browse it.  To look up a word, open the book to the page with the word you need to look up, scroll down on the LCD and select "Look up word"  You then need to highlight/select the word using the clunky interface.  PDF documents cannot access the dictionary as of right now.  This is functionality that is in need of improvement.

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Re: addiing files

When you are in your my documents folder on your nook did you try to "Check for new content" in the nook?

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Re: addiing files

How do you place the non-sup ebooks into the nook's my documents?  When I tried to redownload ebooks from another site, it showed that they were already on my nook, but I cannot find them.  I did use the "check for new..." feature in the my documents on the nook.  Not coming up.

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Re: addiing files

Are the non supported eBooks in a file format that is compatible with nook?  That could be the issue.  The following eBook formats are compatible with nook:


From Barnes & Noble,
Fictionwise & eReader
  • EPUB
  • PDB
  • PDF
Other Sources
  • EPUB (Non or Adobe DRM)
  • PDB (Non DRM)
  • PDF

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