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First chapter of my new book. Feedback wanted!

Please excuse my spelling and grammar. I haven't gotten around to fixing it and I don't have time to think about it alot when I write!


"What can I get you JP?" I asked carelessly from behind the bar.

"How about a bud light, and an appearance at my Halloween party I'm throwin'."

I've known JP just about all my life. Growing up in Hoyt Georgia means that you know everyone and everyone knows you. JP and I went to school together, his real name was Joshua Paul Worthmen but he'll beat the snot out of anyone that calls him Joshua. He's about 5'8 with shaggy brown hair and the bluest eyes you've ever seen. He was a stud in High school but since has been slowly forming a softer middle then he'd like. He was still striking to look at. He is famous for his parties. Everyone shows up and gets drunker then normal and the cops break it up around 1 or 2 in the morning. Its actually a good time.

"I'll think about it, is it a costume party?" I said knowing full well it was. JP never did anything half way. He nodded encouragingly and said something about clothing optional and I laughed. He knows I don't date but JP has been trying to get me into his bed since we were 14 standing behind the school tennis courts smoking cigarettes. "Be good or I'll make you go down the road to Bruster's to get your beer" I said playfully. We both knew this wasn't true. I'd been a bartender at Morgan's bar for a year and a half now and every Wendsday he comes in to drink and flirt and every Wendsday I threaten him with kicking him out. Since we both know that his flirting is going nowhere and my threats are empty it suits us just fine.

I took JP's money and handed him the beer and went down to the other side of the bar to check in on Kelsey Freeman. Kelsey was my best friend and had been since she helped me kick Earl Schmitt in the shins after he threw my bow onto the top of the school in kindergarden. She was here with a man tonight. Not that it was unusual, Kelsey is looking for love and for the last year has been looking for love a lot. She saw me and winked. "When are you going to find yourself a man and double with me and Simon?" she teases. Simon was Kelsey's boyfriend of the week. She is 4'11 and built like a **bleep** brick house. No one would mistake her for someone innocent or helpless despite her height. She is beautiful with long black hair and the beautiful olive skin you get when your part itallian. Looking at her makes me wish I spent more time in the tanning bed. "You know I'm off men" I said to her with a warning smile. "Oh, Come on! You have to get over old whats his name one day!" she said and then immediately looked away and started talking to Simon again when she saw the look I gave her. She knows I'm not one to upset and she knew she was flirting with that line.

I'm certainly not a strong woman but I spent a lot of summers on the wrong side of Atlanta with my dad lives and I knew how to take care of myself. That "old whats his name" she was talking about was my ex husband Will. William Pennington and I met just after my 18th birthday and I was wild to the core. He was such the opposite of me that I never thought it would work out but 4 years later after much consideration and talk we decided to get married. We both thought we were going into it with our eyes wide open and no one thought anything would ever come between us. Six months later I came home early from work to find him sticking it to Mary Holcomb on my hundred dollar egyptian cotton sheets. I wasn't as upset about the divorce when I realized that I was more mad that he ruined the sheets but you just don't get over something like that quickly. At least Mary's nose will never look straight again. As a result of all this I collect an obscene amount of alimony and he is struggleing to pay off the debt we collected together. He felt so bad and my lawyer was so ruthless that there was nothing for him to do but agree to whatever I wanted. Which was everything. I also have a new found appreciaton for single life and though its two years later I stil haven't allowed myself to get close to another man. I don't need all those complications, or at least thats what I tell myself. Really I'm not sure what i'm waiting for but if a man like Will can chose to cheat on you then all men can and I just couldn't see myself committing again any time soon.

It was getting late and the bar crowd is thin on Wendsdays so I lit a cigarette and went over to the tables to talk to some regulars about football season. I am a die hard Dallas fan and in Georgia thats grounds to get shot so the guys and I rib eachother all season long. After a few minutes of bragging up our teams and a small wager on the upcoming Sunday night game I heard the door open and went back to my station at the bar. Morgan's has one of those double door entrances that never made sence to me. You walk in one door just to be in a small room with another door that opens up to the bar. I looked up to see who was coming in so late and froze. Walking twords me was the most georgous man I'd ever seen. He was tall, maybe 6'1, and had beautiful sandy blonde hair and eyes so green they looked like the ocean in the caribean. (if you can't tell I'm an eye person) He was wearing a nice black polo shirt with a long sleeved white shirt underneath bunched up at the elbows and a very nice looking pair of relaxed fit jeans. You know the ones made to look like they wrinkle around the... um... crotch. He had very strong features but didn't look mean. Its hard to not look mean when you have strong features. He was breathtaking.

I tryed hard to not drool on myself and close my mouth as he walked up and sat at the bar. "What can I get for you?" I asked him, more suprised I still knew how to talk then I would have liked. damnit your off men I told myself almost angry that he got this sort of reaction out of me. "Its just hormones I added. I heard him say something and immediately blushed. While I was having my inner turmoil he was ordering and I didn't hear a thing he said. Great now he thinks your dumb my inside voice told me. I managed to stuff down the thoughts and put on my best bartender smile and asked him very nicely to repeat himself. He looked at me somewhat quizzically and said " I'll have a mug of whatever you have on tap" he said and I looked at him. He didn't look like a beer guy to me. He looked like a man who would reitre to his smoking room with the other men and have a glass of burbon but who was I to argue with him.

I poured him a mug of Miller light and sat it in front of him. He looked at the beer and raised it to his lips and took the smallest sip I've ever seen. Obviously not a drinker I thought. He looked at me and to my suprise asked me what my name was. "Samantha Pennington" I said extending my hand to him. "Blake" He replied and shook my hand tentativly. He was still cold from the outside air and didn't seem able to give me a normal handshake. He held my hand like it was something fragile and when I looked in his eyes I didn't know what I was seeing but we stood there like that hand in hand looking at eachother for a good minute before kelsey interrupted. "Ehem... Who's your friend Sam?" She said and I quickly pulled my hand away. "This is Blake, Blake this is Kelsey" Kelsey threw on all her charm and started asking questions about where Blake was from and what brought him to town. I guess he was from somewhere down south and he casually said he was here on business but didn't explain more. Kelsey looked disappointed that he wasn't going to be instantly infatuated with her like the rest of the men in Hoyt so she mumbled something about having to get back and went and drapped herself over Simon.

Just then a man that looked to be in his mid 30s came in the bar and sat down next to our new friend Blake.He was shorter then me but about an inch and had one of those unremarkable faces. Not ungly by any means but not something that would turn your head. I asked him if I could get him anything and he waved me off dismisavly. I furrowed my brows at him and huffed over to Kelsey. I could tell you that this man wasn't a man who cared about other people's feelings. Not only that but he seemed to have a low opinion of women too. I can just tell these things about people sometimes and its a good thing to be a good judge of character. We tried our best to not look like we were watching but were not very syurppticious and pretty soon I heard Simon mutter something about Lucy and Ethel and Women. Kelsey and I knew we were every bit as rediculous as lucille ball and her hiar brained friend when we wanted to be and the only problem we ever had about it was which one of us got to be Lucy. We both shot him a warning glare and he finished off his drink and stared at the door lazily. I could tell he was thinking about an excuse to leave. Probably anticipating the enevitable happy ending he was going to get to his date. Nearest we could figure about mr. Dreamy and mr. Grumpy was that Grumpy wasn't too happy about Blake staying in Hoyt and Blake not caring. We got no real information out of them which just about killed us both and after a half hour Grumpy got up and walked out. Simon looked at Kelsey and they stood up to follow him out the door.

I waved half heartedly at her while she made some googoo eyes at Blake behind his back and made a silent motion I could only describe as a "go get em" and left. It was just the two of us now and it was getting dangerously close to bar close which is 1am in Hoyt during the week.I had some inner turmoil with myself and finally decided that I should talk to the amazing piece of art sitting at the bar. "its just talking thats all self" I thought and walked up to him. "You going to be around town long?" I asked simply. Geeze am I a conversational genius or what?!

"Maybe a few months, maybe longer I'm not sure yet." he about having to evict Blake. I mean I'm used to drunk and beligerant and I have no problem kickingreplied. I let my mind wander to the things I could do to him in a few months and with him leaving that would be committment free. I looked up to find that same quizzical look and I instantly blushed and cursed myself for letting my libido get the better of me.I suddenly realized the bar was filthy and set myself to cleaning it. Blake's beer was still just as untouched and finally after setting the chairs up on the tables and makeing sure everything would look great for the lunch rush I'm sure morgan's would have when they opened at noon I was ready to go home. I felt really weird out the people I know but this man looked like he was waiting for something since he wasn't drinking, plus if I kicked him out then I would surely never see him again. Eventually the good bartender in me told him it was time to shut down for the night but I reminded him that we were open from noon to one am every weeknight and till two am on weekends.

"Samantha Pennington,"He said "Would you honor me by escorting me to dinner tomorrow night?" My mouth dropped. I'm completely sure how stupid I looked but I couldn't help it! Did he just ask me out on a date? I haven't been on a date since I met William whcih was close to 6 years ago.. I closed my mouth with some noticable effort and thought about it. On one side he IS leaving soon, but on the other hand he's leaving soon. What if he's a stalker. Suddenly I could hear my mother's voice warning me not to get in the car with

strangers.When I looked at him again I knew I couldn't say no. I tried to recover my self and told him I would love that and gave him my phone number and my address on a bar napkin. He told me he'd pick me up at 8 and then very politely put a 20 on the bar and walked out. I stared after him for a full 5 minutes trying to decipher what just happened. Not hardly believeing it happened at all. I turned off all the lights and locked up crawling to my car.I drive a 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder. Its not the greatest thing on earth but its adorable and I look hot in it. Courtesy of my big D. Its black and I love it because you can hear the radio 5 miles away if i crank it. It also has an almost nonexistant back seat so very rarely do I get asked for rides. I get 30 MPG and can go from 0 to 60 in seven seconds. Man I love this car!

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Re: First chapter of my new book. Feedback wanted!

I got home to my little condo and walked in the door and sighed. I always feel good to be home. I bought a condo when I realized that there was no way I could stay with anyone in my family. Its a one bedroom but it has all brand new everything. I love not having to worry about mowing my grass or taking care of things that break. Thats men's work and I already acknowledged I don't have a man. I grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge and went to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. I looked in the mirror and made a face. I definately look good but I don't feel it sometimes. I took all my anger out on the gym when my marraige ended and because of that every time Will sees me he gets to see what I look like 50lbs thinner then I was when he saw me. It also shaped a lot of my muscles and I think I look athletic not muscular. I'm 5'8 with brown hair that goes to the small of my back and some curls that drive me crazy. I'm not getting wrinkled yet and I don't have a single grey hair. Life could certainly be worse. I have big brownish green eyes and I hate having to pin it down to either color because they change depending on my mood and what I'm wearing.

I knew that tomorrow was going to be a big day of primping because I love any reason to get dressed up. I pulled off my bar uniform of jeans and a black polo with "Morgan's" written across the left breast. "Close to the heart" Jayden always said. He's the owner of the bar and a great guy. Maybe about 40 but very handsome for his age. He is married and has two kids so we never have any of that weird opposite se tension. It works perfectly for both of us. I slipped into what I call pajamas (my sheets) and wondered about weather or not I should call Kelsey and tell her that I had a date with studly McStudmuffin. I laughed out loud at the name and figured it suited him well. I'll call her tomorrow I thought. After all her and Simon are probably doing things that arn't even legal in the great state of Georgia. It had been a nice night and I knew my dreams would be filled with visions of sugar plums or whatever those good things you dream about are supposed to be. I had no idea my life would never be the same.

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