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Goodbye and good luck!

I want to take a moment to thank all of you for participating in this course. I regret that this course is going away, but remember that there are plenty of places for novice writers to get feedback on their works, and to create a workshop community. Some are free (for example, and others ask for a modest fee (for example, the Online Writing Workshop for SF, Fantasy & Horror). You can also look at bulletin boards at your local library or s.f. bookstore for workshops looking for new participants.

I’ve enjoyed this class very much. I hope that the material and feedback has been useful to you; and I hope that being part of this online community has helped you toward your writing goals.

Remember: do your research, push and poke at everything to squeeze every last bit of interest and speculation from it, keep an eye on your plot, give your characters plenty of room to breathe, and most of all...have fun!

-- Marta
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Re: Goodbye and good luck!

you are being missed.
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