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Griff: Creating Characters - Writing assignment

[ Edited ]
_I wish that thrice-damned bug would die._ Concentrating he willed his mind into focus before cocking an eye open. He groaned as bright light chased cottony mist from his brain. _Not bug, alarm_, he decided. _Didn’t Raphael realize he needed his sleep._ The Imperial Ball had lingered on into the wee hours, and afterward he, Yoduki and Bam-Bam had retired to their private study with a fine Alsapian Cognac . The advantage of Yoduki now being the emperor of two worlds was that he could afford the best booze.

The alarm buzzed again.

“Alright I’m up. Couldn’t you use a more soothing tone,” he growled.

“I’ve noticed you don’t respond to soothing. Lady Ayane says you could sleep through an asteroid strike,” the disembodied voice replied. “I believe her.”

“Aren’t you AI’s supposed to a bit more respectful of us humans?”

“Ha! After a thousand years I see little difference between the machine-born and human-born—except for the human tendency to be cranky in the morning. Now get up. Lady Arachne needs you in the command center.

Sighing he set up in the middle of the misty fog that was the bed. The fog morphed into a solid chair. As he stood the pendant around his neck puffed into silver vapor that swirled and eddied as the nanites assumed the configuration of his Spider Corps. uniform. He stood for a second as the swarm disassembled the bacteria and dead skin that a night’s sleep accumulated. His Draq physiology never produced much facial hair, but what was there vanished.

He could feel the medical nanites clearing the fatigue poisons from his system. Thank the Saints for Umatri technology, in the old days last night’s escapade would have cost a full day of aches and metal fuzziness.

“Mirror,” he commanded. Immediately the air to his front shimmered into a flat mercurial rectangle. He took a second to straighten his tunic, admiring the space-black uniform with the red hourglass sigil embossed on the breast. The nice thing about a witch-cloak is that it always fit—his old ones never did.

“For breakfast—“

“No breakfast,” Raphael interjected. “I believe Lady Arachne’s instructions included the word _immediately_. I’ll have your swarm assemble some glucose into your bloodstream. That should tide you over.”

Lucas laughed. “Slave driver.” He walked to the alcove to his left and buckled on his pistols. He started to don the other weapons, but thought better about it. He wasn’t leaving the Labyrinth and nothing could harm him in Arachne’s domain. He slipped an additional hideout gun in the back of his waistband. _Old habits die hard._

Walking through the portal from his room he was transported to the Labyrinth where a momentum field picked him up and transported him the command center at the far end of the Orion Arm.

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