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Re: Introduce Yourselves

Hello everyone. My name is Jon and currently I'm going to college. Since I was 7, I wanted to write, first novels then screenplays/TV. Due to the overwhelming amount of work and stress in the past year, it's been on the backburner and I want to get back into it.

I'm not looking to change the world or make some pretentious movie that wins awards. I like the vapid, I like the shallow. I want to write teen movies, more depth than John Hughes and more realistic than the She's All That string in the late 90's. I have written one, called Hopeless Romantic, but that was when I was 16 and...oh my god, let's just forget about that.

If not writing teen movies or romantic comedies, I'd love to write for television. I'd love to write for a Degrassi-like show or, wait for it, professional wrestling programs like WWE Raw. As a lifelong wrestling fan, nothing would please me more than to write for their company and have my ideas come to fruition.

To sum it up: I don't want to win awards, I just want to write what makes money and what I like.
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Re: Introduce Yourselves

Hi. I’m a 43 year old mother of one…a 17 year old daughter finishing high school on her way to becoming a vet. Happily married to a mechanical designer. College educated in computer science but wound up as an accountant for corporate America instead, doing the 9 to 5 thing. I always enjoyed writing and talking to people. Childhood ambition was to become a psychiatrist. Parents disagreed with that career choice.

When I was young, I kept a journal on everything I did…daily journals, prayer journals, gardening journals…every hobby I had. I feel this desire to capture information so that it is not lost forever. I’ve met and listened to many people tell their unique life stories and think to myself, “Man, this is good stuff! Is anyone writing this down?!”

I’ve taken writing classes on the side. Written mostly work-related material and user manuals. By adding my personal flair, supervisors told me they actually look forward to reading my reports. I try to make them interesting, not so drab and mundane. So I entertained the thought that maybe I have a chance as a writer if people actually look forward to what I’ll write next.

I also enjoy watching movies. I took an acting class in college just to see what it would be like. It is definitely a lot harder than it looks. Actors may not seem to have a tough job, but I think they do. It definitely depends on individual talent. If you’re a natural, you don’t have to work as hard as some of us do. Just try to convey sadness convincingly at the drop of a hat (or after the shout of the word, “Action!”). Ten takes later, they were finally convinced. UGH!

I also took a class in Movie Basics 101 (just trying to fill up those last couple of electives my senior year). This covered all the terminology used and the different types of camera shots. Of course, all we did in this class was watch movies and analyze them. This was really interesting to me. So now when I watch movies, I’ll sit there and say things like, “Aw, I would’ve shown that a different way,” and “Man, that dialogue really sucks!” I can’t STAND bad dialogue. Guess you could say it’s one of my pet peeves.

Which brings me to why AM I here? I’d like to learn the basics of writing screenplays, and talk to others who have the same interests. I won’t be able to say, “I could’ve written that much better!” unless I actually know how to. Plus, I’m sick and tired of watching already existing movies being redone. Can’t anyone out there write something new?!!
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Re: Introduce Yourselves

welcome to the club,Pamela!

please, jump in, read, review and get busy posting!

it's very very very very... very very very boring around here for the 3 of us who are actually active.

nice to have some fresh blood in the water....
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Re: Introduce Yourselves

But no pressure ;-)

Welcome aboard...I mean to the board...

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