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The Marriage of Plot and Character: Catch Me If You Can

Watch Catch Me If You Can.

The protagonist is Frank (Leonardo DiCaprio). What's his goal and what's his deeper desire? How does he change during the course of the movie? And answer the same questions for the antagonist, Carl (Tom Hanks).

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Re: The Marriage of Plot and Character: Catch Me If You Can

Frank's a con man, a thief, a fraud; he changes identities like most folks change socks. His goal seems to be to out-fox the government at their own unfair cheating ways, the way they duped his dad (even if it was as much his dad's fault as the governments actions in reaction to his dad's doings) He plans on doing this thru forgery, thereby using as much of the government's money that is not rightfully his, to sustain himself in his many different identities, mostly because it's fun and challenging and a way to get back at The Man. His deeper desire might be to get back in the good graces, or any grace, within his own family? everything pretty much fell apart for the family when his father was ruined by the government, his parents split up, and Frank was basically left in the middle of it all and out of it all, at the same time.

Over the course of the movie, once the FBI is on to him, he probably changes gears, it becomes even more fun, more of a game out-smarting someone who is hot on his trail than it was outsmarting folks who were left none-the-wiser, especially once Frank got so good at the con-jobs and the forgery scams. Then, probably he finds love, and everything changes yet again, probably for the worst, because women tend to ruin things in just that very way; spoil all mens' fun and such. Any way, he doesn't want to be on the run any more, but he figures he'll need to change identites one last time to get away clean, get the girl and get some semblance of a normal life back.
Just bad luck where he ends up having to go with his new identity, and who he happens to run into in his pursuit of that normal happy family life...

As far as Carl, I can guess that his goal as an FBI guy is to capture Frank by any means necessary, to do the job, for King and country (or, in this case, for J Edgar Hoover and the special-interest moneymen who run our little corner of the world) I imagine he has some home and family normalcy he'd like to get back to if the job and this pain-in-the-ass con man Frank would let him, which might be his deeper desire??
But, I'm sure, as the movie goes on and Carl learns more about who Frank is, his history and what Frank is really ultimately after by doing all his crazy stuff, maybe Carl understands and lets ol'Frank off the hook at that one key and opportune moment, so Frank gets away and off to... New Orleans, I think it was??

how did I do this time, Daniel (and others)??

ya, again, I haven't seen this movie yet, so I'm sorta just winging it off bits and pieces of what I know of the story in general. I'll stop if I'm way off the mark with any of my rambling piecemeal guesswork; I wouldn't want to give anyone here the idea that I actually seem to know what I'm talking about, when really, I have no clue.

I no longer regret that I have no quote, quip or anecdote to share with my countrymen... how about all y'all?
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