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Wishes and Fears

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Movies (and for that matter, all art forms) allow us to confront our demons and act out our fantasies in a completely safe environment: fiction. For this reason, our job as writers is to take universal wishes and fears and push them to the limits that most people cannot take them to in their real lives. Vicariously, the audience lives a fuller life!

Think of universal wishes or fears that have been represented in recent films and post them here.

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Re: Wishes and Fears

using examples from the book and from this board:

The Sixth Sense: the fear of ghosts, of death, of being disliked, unloved, labeled a freak or a failure; the wish to not be scared any more, and to help another person to conquer their fears, and to be able to communicate freely and be understood

40-Year-Old Virgin: the fear of never knowing a woman intimately, never fully grasping the context of American Pie, fear of death, of dying a virgin; the wish to fully grasp the concept of American Pie, and to know a woman so completely and intimately, without getting slapped or arrested after gaining that knowledge and insight

Million Dollar Baby: the fear of never achieving your full potential, as a trainer or as a fighter, a teacher or a student, the fear of being hurt, of being Nothing, and being more afraid of being Nothing than of being hurt, fear of death; the wish to please your trainer/teacher, to achieve the potential that others see within you, because you come see it and believe it in yourself

Die Hard: fear of flying/heights, fear of losing loved ones be it through your own stubborn selfishness or due to a terrorist act, fear of death; a wish to fix all the troubles in life and in marriage with the help of quick wit, a machine gun and a pistol taped to your back

Thelma & Louise: fear of becoming trapped in 'a man's world', dead-end lifestyle, fear of dying without having truly lived, but strangely, ultimately not a fear of death itself; wish to live life in the moment, to break free from the bonds of Man and societal norms, and to have some fun before you die

Sideways: fear of dying without truly living, fear of dying alone and miserable, of wasting those few precious things in life on celebrations of inferiority; wish to find or do something epic and remarkable, something worth toasting, selling a novel or having a last grand fling before settling down to be married

Shawshank Redemption: fear of dying in prison, of losing or giving up on Hope; wish to be free, to live life to the fullest, regardless of the walls behind which we find ourselves

just to name a few, I'm sure there are plenty more other could come up with
I no longer regret that I have no quote, quip or anecdote to share with my countrymen... how about all y'all?
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