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Re: Discussion Topic: Your Secret Body and Weight Issues

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There's so much in your post that I could use for my own affirmations. I love your confidence of knowing that this thinking is what it's going to take. You really are an inspiration.

When I first posted I had just decided to give this way of thinking a try. Applying it to my weight/body issue is major. I've only done a couple of things. Posted my real weight on the scale and put a pair of jeans that are my real size in my closet. Unfortunately I find myself thinking these minor attempts seem half hearted. Now, we all know what direction that type of thinking takes. What I really need to do is make my intention clear to myself. Something is holding me back to just think, act and believe. It has to be fear.

In your post, the sort of present moment thinking you're using is what I want to do in order to truly believe this will work for me.

How long have you been practicing thinking Universally? Keep us updated on how things are working out for you.

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"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." Wayne Dyer
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