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I think everyone is overlooking the whole point

Hey guys! I personally think everyone is overlooking the whole point of the secret. The author wrote this book for those who are tired of living a defeated life. IF YOU DONT BELIEVE THE PRINCIPLES IN THE BOOK, IT WILL NOT HELP YOU. Its a known fact that your life is a result of what you have been thinking. Its been proven over and over again (in my personal life) and in everyone else's life too (whether you want to believe it or not). The secret is written for us to learn to renew our mind (or think a different way) and therefore attract different things. I have heard many people, both religious and nonreligious, say "IF you want to change whats going on in your life, change your thoughts". I have used this method and it really works.

So many people are too busy critizing what has been written to help instead of using it to the fullest.

PS...Its really not a secret, its just something that has been overlooked throughout life.
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