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Introducing myself to those who know the secret


My name is Wendy Wyatt. I have the book and the DVD of the secret, and think it's fantastic. It is something that my mother has always taught me while growing up, but it is so nice to see it made public like this, and to see it accepted.

It was always something that I felt I understood, but had trouble getting others to understand it. The secret movie is just fantastic, because it explains it in such a way that it is easier for people to accept, because it is not associated with religion, politics, or sales in any way. It is just the simple truth, like it is.

Of course, even though I was raised knowing much of this, it is not something that I was exercizing to my fullest potential.It is exactly what I needed to remind myself of the truth, and what I should do next... absolutely fantastic.

I just bought Jack Canfield's book the Principles of Success, How to get from where you are, to where you want to be... and am applying the exercises one step at a time. I know it will work for me, because it is principles I used before. I have used principles very much like this from the book Think and Grow Rich, and it worked fantastic for me as after reading that book, I learned to change my life for the better, by establishing goals, and the steps it takes to achieve them, did my affirmations, and check lists, and it got me from working in a resturant to graduating from college. My goal was to get enough education to get out of the trap of working for minimum wage or close to minimum wage. I am doing that now, but now I realize I need much bigger goals.


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Re: Introducing myself to those who know the secret

Hi Wendy, and welcome to the Book Club!

Thanks for your post, and congratulations on your successes so far! You mention some "bigger goals" ahead -- care to share with us what they are, and how you plan to use the methodology of The Secret to attain them? I'm sure we'd all be interested -- and inspired -- to hear about it!


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