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My name is MainePhrame.  I am a first time author who is self-published and is seeking assistance promoting my new book: Mastyr Phrenzy
All the relevant details are below.  Any assistance would be very much appreciated.  I can be contacted for further discussion at my website or via reply email.  Please take the time to visit my website and please, whatever you can do to help would be extremely welcomed.

New Book: Mastyr Phrenzy

Book web site: Go to

Easily one of the best books you will ever read. A very easy read. If your interested in the Anti-Christ or Secret Societies like the Illuminati then you must buy this book-- Mastyr Phrenzy.

Also the website has book trailers. Book trailers and a myspace link.
The book is for sale at and on the site, I provide an amazon link to the book as well.

Again, please check out this book. The revelations in this book are astounding.

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