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I hope this is the place for this.

I've always been a believer in the Law of Attraction - even when I didn't know it or actively practice it. I've had some very positive experiences after listening 'The Secret' almost daily. What didn't seem to register with me is the power of attracting the negative. You see, I had a dog (Tank) I just adored. This has been a year of incredible loss & trauma in my life, & Tank was an incredible comfort & joy that was helping me get through it. However, Tank's name could also have been Houdini. I've always been nearly obsessed with worry about his wandering ways. I've pulled him out of several close calls. Last month my distress hit a new level as I left town for 2 weeks. I was terrified he'd escape & get hit on the road behind our house. 2 days after I returned, he did. Now, looking for any comfort out there I've looked again to 'The Secret', & also 'Ask & It Is Given'. All I find is confirmation that I drew this to him by my obsessive worry. I'm looking for a way to deal with that. If nothing else, maybe someone else won't worry themselves into a broken heart.

Thanks for 'listening'.
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Re: heartbroken

Hi Z:

Welcome to our Book Club on The Secret. I hope that reading the posts and stories here does provide a bit of comfort and/or inspiration -- but of course, my heart truly goes out to you; I'm so sorry to hear about the loss you've recently faced.

Are there any positive-thinking approaches you're currently trying out to help in your healing process?

Take care, and keep us posted.


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