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Other Short Works by Dostoevsky

In this thread, we can discuss any of Dostoevsky's other short works. Tell us what you're reading.

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Re: Other Short Works by Dostoevsky

Notes from the Undergroiund was the last short story of Dostoevsky's that I read

concerning the whole of it, being a hermitized man, the thoughts were again open to rebuke and thought. One of my loves of Dostoevsky, is that the great thoughts that come through are also able to be critized and denounced because the state of the character saying them is never revealed to be a 'perfect moral or philosphic teacher'.

In notes from the underground it was all seclusion, everything based off seclusion. and many of the ideas i DO rebuke. i think it is a VERY strong trait in people to be able to say what they do not believe in as well as what they do. because you cannot possibly refuse an idea that you have not thought to refuse previously. and this book uses that sense immensly.

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