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Duma Key

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I'm excited to start this book. I am in the middle of the Historian right now, and I like to finish one book before I start another, so it will be a few days before I pick this one up. With a character name like Edgar Freemantle, however, I can't wait. Any relation to Abigail, perhaps?

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Re: Duma Key

Let me start out by saying that I'm a "Constant Reader" of Stephen King. I started reading King when I was in 2nd grade (Night Shift) and have never stopped. Some books I've HATED (Dreamcatchers) and others I have absolutely loved (The Stand). Perhaps that makes me somewhat qualified to be able to comment on the quality of his latest book.

I just finished Duma Key (about 15 minutes ago). As compared to Lisey's Story it was a very nice ride. With Lisey's Story I had a great deal of trouble getting into the book and, at one point, commented to my husband "I think Mr. King needs a new editor. He seems to be rambling quite a lot." Not so with Duma Key.

I held off buying Duma (released Tues) until I knew I had a large amount of free time, which came on Thurs. Since then I've been reading and reading and the book held me almost all the way through.

Things that kept me going (without giving any spoilers):
1. The Minnesota connection -- I live in MN and recognize the places that are talked about
2. I style myself as an artist and can relate to many of the feelings that Edgar goes through
3. I understand the mystic connection to Florida. My husband and I stayed in Fort Myers Beach for a week several years ago. It was in late September when most of the tourists are gone and hurricane season is in full force. There was a connection for me there - something that to this day I wonder about. It was a place I felt absolutely content... It didn't matter what the weather was like (rain every day at 3 pm - like clockwork) or what we did or didn't do (hubby was enrolled in an online college at the time which ate up a great deal of his days). It's a place we often talk about going back to - and a time I would love every vacation to be like. No commitments, no need to see the sights, just time to read and draw and walk up and down the beach.

Anyway, enough said (perhaps I need a new editor?)... Suffice it to say, in my opinion, Duma Key is one of Mr. King's better books from the past few years.
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Re: Duma Key

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We finished this one up a couple weeks ago - we really liked it.
Not going to forget these characters anytime soon.
I've named one of my garden fixtures after the heron . . . here's 'Perce':

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Re: Duma Key

I finished Duma Key a few hours ago, and I loved it. Really. I was crying at one point, almost screaming at another, and then nearly crying again. It has lulls though, where it's harder to read. However, it all come together in the end and I felt it was tied up in a pretty little bow by the end. When you read it, you won't be sorry.


I'm actually reading Lisey's Story right now, and finding it hard to get through. Will it get better? I'm not too far into it. 

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Re: Duma Key

Duma Key  is one of my personal favorites.  I was so emotionally attached to Edgar and to some extent Wireman that I felt transfixed while reading.  I was on the beach with them.  I was at Heron's Roost towards the end.  I could see, so very vividly, Perse as she caused all her havoc.  As always what people call his slow moments in a novel are my favorites.  King's characters breathe like no other author's I read.  They are as real as you can get in fiction.  Those "boring" parts are the mundane aspects of real life etched against the horror elements.  Duma Key is also a great book because it shows that King can handle any location with precision and come out as if he has lived there his whole life.


I do have one question - Does anyone think this book is Dark Tower related, and how so?


Duma Key 


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