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writing a book review

Hi Tracy,
I am writing a book review about your new novel for our library's webpage as we speak and found your wonderful website. Any plans to write young adult novels in the future like some of your fellow authors?
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(P.S. I am a transplanted Brit, what I miss the most are "pickled onions", what's your favorite British cuisine?)
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Re: writing a book review

Hi Katharine in Mad City--

Funny, some children's book editors in the UK keep pestering me about writing a children's book or young adult novel. I don't know. Maybe. Kids are so hard to write for, as they are not as patient or polite as adult readers. If they don't like it they throw the book across the room. However, my son (who is 8) would like me to write a kids' book, so we'll see. I do have an idea for a story about where all the socks we lose go...

I gotta tell you, I hate those pickled onions! I do love a lot of English cuisine, however, in particular all the comfort food - shepherd's pie, fish pie; plus all the wonderful puddings - bread and butter pudding, Eton Mess (a wonderful concoction of strawberries, whipped cream and meringue), and above all, summer pudding, which consists of a lot of berries (strawberry, raspberry, red and black currants, etc) stewed together and then pressed into a mold lined with white bread. I know, I know, it sounds disgusting but it's delicious and absolutely gorgeous when the berry juice bleeds through the white bread...
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