Lisa Steinke: What's the best compliment you've received about your book?

Kaira Rouda: ALL THE DIFFERENCE is my first attempt at a cozy mystery or suspense. The setting is the same fictive suburb of Grandville – same place as HERE, HOME, HOPE – but in this story, the characters are much more devious and one of them may even be a murderer. So with this book, the best compliment is when a reader tells me the book kept them guessing until the end. I love that! I had so much fun writing this book.


LS: What is the perfect playlist to accompany your novel?

KR: This Girl is on Fire by Alicia Keys; any song from The Devil Wears Prada movie soundtrack; I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift; Stop Dragging My Heart Around by Stevie Nicks.


LS: What images would you pin on Pinterest to represent your book?

KR: Actually, I have a Pinterest board for ALL THE DIFFERENCE – actually for each of my books. They are so fun to create! On my ALL THE DIFFERENCE board you’ll find: Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken” that inspired the title, a fun giveaway of “naughty” prizes I held over the holidays, some of my favorite reviews of the book, a photo of Sedona and one of Daufuskie Island – a couple of the settings of the book, photos of what I imagine each of the characters’ homes to look like, a gas grill, and some subtle hints about who-dunnit. I really love Pinterest! Please join me there!


LS: When you re-read your novel, are there still things you'd change?(Or do you not re-read?)

KR: I don’t re-read my novels. I do enjoy reviewing sections when I’m speaking with Book Clubs, or when I’m at a bookstore event.  The most fun for me is interacting with readers and understanding their ideas about the characters. Hearing other perspectives always adds more to my understanding of my novels than any re-reading could ever do. At least for me!


LS: If you could see one person alive or deceased reading your book, who would it be?

KR: Susan Isaacs. I’m a huge fan and this book is my little tribute to her and all the joy she provided to me as a reader. She’s an inspiration to me, especially with ALL THE DIFFERENCE.


LS: Favorite line or passage from your book?

KR: “She’d had to do it of course, and she knew how to do it.”

I like this line because it’s when the antagonist reveals herself. Who says it? Well, of course I’m not telling!


LS: What book would you put on the center of Entertainment Weekly's bullseye?

KR: Since we’re talking creepy, I’d have to say GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn. I love the craft behind the story, the unreliable narrator, the creepiness. It’s simply perfect. That said, I love books and I could tell you hundreds to put in the bulls eye – and I wish they would!


LS: What's your reading style? One book at a time? Juggle between books?

KR: I’m a one-book-at-a-time person, and I’m a voracious reader except for when I’m writing. I cannot be inside someone else’s world while I’m creating. It’s an interesting phenomenon to me. So of course, when I’m procrastinating – which I do exceedingly well – I’m reading and loving it!  


KR: What do you do when you're not writing?

LS: Read. Hang out with my kids whenever possible – they’re all teenagers – two in high school and two in college - so it’s whenever they’re free, on their schedules. I love yoga and I just joined a meditation group with friends. We just welcomed a new puppy – Frankie – into our home, and she is taking up a lot of time. But it’s worth it. She’s adorable. I’m not sure my husband agrees.


LS: What's up next for you?

KR: Writing, writing, writing!

I am so blessed to be living the life of my dreams, with the ability to write fulltime, after a 25 plus year career in marketing. It’s such a gift but it takes learning a new discipline. Before, writing what was what I squeezed in between everything else. Now, I have whole days to focus on my craft. It’s funny what you can find to fill your time when you are a world-class procrastinator like me. That said, I am busy – mostly – working on my next novel. I have a new agent who is incredibly supportive and fun to talk to about my career dreams. Mostly, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that readers continue to enjoy my books. That’s what makes this is the best career in the world!


Thanks, Kaira.

To read more about Kaira Rouda, check out her website.


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