Having just seen the 2012 film version of Victor Hugo's 1853 classic Les Miserables with Hugh 

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by Moderator Melissa_W on ‎01-07-2013 02:09 PM

I read Les Miserables years ago...even in an abridged edition there's really alot of dead space - although I shouldn't have been surprised in something that was likely a serialized novel.


Anna Karenina - Joe Wright and Tom Stoppard created a very balanced adaptation that contrasted the Levin/Tolstoy/master vs. serf vs. nature issues against the dramatic backdrop of Anna's crumbling marriage (the conceit of the theatre worked well on the screen).  This better get nominated for a boatload of Oscars including Best Score (Dario Marianelli is so, so talented).


I loved Cloud Atlas - went to see it the first weekend it opened in my area.  Absorbing, luminous...I haven't finished the book yet but I'm working my way through it.  I think the movie got hurt by people going "oooh, an "art film" by the Wachowskis...how pretentious" (and those same people probably slobbered all over Lars von Trier and Terrence Malik as "geniuses" - meh).


I'm looking forward to the Oz adaptation in 2013 (The Great Gatsby adaptation has a good cast, and I like Baz Luhrman's style, but I also think it's going to look exactly like La Boheme or Moulin Rouge or Romeo+Juliet so that dampens my enthusiasms somewhat)

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