Molly Crosby's look at yellow fever's devastation of a vibrant 19th century Memphis and later the men who discovered how the disease spread takes us along for a portrait of a doomed epoch, an epidemiological whodunnit and a philosophical debate about medical experimentation. To varying degrees of success, it offers multiple books in one. Read more...
What do the examples of Canadian hockey players, Mozart, Bill Gates, our pee-wee sports coaches, and parents have in common? They teach us the value of practice. In his latest book, Malcolm Gladwell examines how, instead of an innate and unworldly talent, people who are wildly successful "outliers" rely much more on good timing and thousands of hours of labor to reach the top of their fields. Read more...
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Disembodied heads at a convention center. Corpses strewn about a woodland area for a college. Bodies strapped into a Ford and hurled at a wall. Bodies blown up, crash-landed, nailed to crosses and turned into plastic. It sounds horrifying, but it might be the funniest book you read all year. Read more...
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A Dangerous Place

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I can tell you exactly where I was at 5:04 p.m. October 17, 1989, when the Loma Prieta earthquake unleashed the equivalent of thousands of hydrogen bombs' worth of energy in 15 seconds. This is sort of the Northern Californian equivalent of asking people where they were when JFK got shot. Read more...
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