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Further Reading

More Great Books from Walter Isaacson

Book Cover Image: Title: Benjamin Franklin, Author: Walter Isaacson Buy It Benjamin Franklin
Isaacson captures the gregarious essence of Benjamin Franklin. Brilliant but not intellectual, principled but not priggish, Franklin was an original thinker whose genius lay less in profound thoughts than in practical ideas and homely wisdom. Find out how he rose in station from impoverished young printer's apprentice to statesman and man of means, yet never lost touch with the common man.

Book Cover Image: Title: Benjamin Franklin Reader, Author: Walter Isaacson Buy It The Benjamin Franklin Reader
This collection of Franklin's writings shows why he was the bestselling author of his day and remains America's favorite Founder and wit. Here are dozens of Franklin's best, most influential and delightful essays and letters, along with a complete version of his Autobiography. Trace the development of Franklin's thinking, along with the birth of the nation he and his pen helped to invent.

Book Cover Image: Title: Kissinger, Author: Walter Isaacson Buy It Kissinger
By the time Kissinger was made secretary of state in 1973, he had become, according to the Gallup Poll, the most admired person in America. Yet Kissinger was also reviled by both liberal intellectuals and conservative activists. Drawing on extensive interviews with Kissinger as well as 150 other sources, including U.S. presidents and his business clients, this first full-length biography makes use of many of Kissinger's private papers and classified memos to tell his uniquely American story.

Book Cover Image: Title: Wise Men, Author: Walter Isaacson Buy It The Wise Men: Six Friends and the World they Made
Isaacson introduces a group of leaders whose outsized personalities and actions brought order to postwar chaos. Meet Averell Harriman, Roosevelt's envoy to Churchill and Stalin; Dean Acheson, the secretary of state who orchestrated the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan; George Kennan, an outsider and intellectual darling of the Washington elite; Robert Lovett, assistant secretary of war, undersecretary of state, and secretary of defense throughout the formative years of the Cold War; John McCloy, one of the nation's most influential private citizens; and Charles Bohlen, diplomat and ambassador to the Soviet Union.

Additional Recommended Reading

Book Cover Image: Title: E=Mc2, Author: David Bodanis Buy It E=Mc2
David Bodanis
E=mc2 was born in 1905, the brainchild of Albert Einstein. In this lucid and brilliant book, Bodanis illuminates one of science's most complex concepts. Starting with Exit signs in theatres to the future fate of the earth, from smoke detectors to black holes and the structure of the atom, Bodanis delivers a scintillating and colourful account of the real meaning of E=mc2.

Book Cover Image: Title: Einstein Defiant, Author: Edmund Blair Bolles Buy It Einstein Defiant
Edmund Blair Bolles
Quantum mechanics was perhaps the single greatest scientific discovery of 20th century physics. But Einstein struggled with the theory, pitting him against another great genius of the era, Niels Bohr. As their debate crisscrossed Europe, it generated heated discussions and worldwide controversy (the two even won Nobel Prizes on the same day). Here, Bolles captures the soul and the science that inspired this dramatic duel, revealing what was at stake for our fundamental understanding of how the world works.

Book Cover Image: Title: The Born-Einstein Letters, Author: Albert Einstein and Max Born Buy It The Born-Einstein Letters
Albert Einstein and Max Born
For the 40 years of their friendship, Einstein and Born wrote to each other regularly, discussing world wars, quantum theory, music, their families, the tragic plight of Europe's Jews, and their own roles in the tumultuous politics of the time. Fascinating historically, The Born-Einstein Letters is also highly topical as scientists continue to struggle with quantum physics, their role in wartime, and public perceptions of their work.

Book Cover Image: Title: Einstein's Dreams, Author: Alan P. Lightman Buy It Einstein's Dreams
Alan P. Lightman
Einstein’s Dreams is a fictional collage of stories dreamed by Albert Einstein in 1905, when he worked in a patent office in Switzerland. Now translated into 30 languages, Einstein’s Dreams has inspired playwrights, dancers, musicians, and painters all over the world. In poetic vignettes, it explores the connections between science and art, the process of creativity, and ultimately the fragility of human existence.

Book Cover Image: Title: Einstein, Author: Jurgen Neffe Buy It Einstein
Jurgen Neffe
Neffe presents a clear and probing portrait of the man behind the myth. Unearthing new documents, including a series of previously unknown letters from Einstein to his sons, Neffe paints a rich portrait of the tumultuous years in which Einstein lived and worked. And with a background in the sciences, he describes and contextualizes Einstein’s enormous contributions to our scientific legacy.

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