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A Guide to Posting

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As the "What Harry Means to Me..." board will be filled with personal stories, fond memories, and thoughtful reflection on the impact the Harry Potter books has had on our community, here are a few friendly posting guidelines to keep in mind:

  • To add your story, simply go to the main page of the group and click on "New Message." Your anecdote will appear as a new thread.

  • You may also respond to anyone's story by clicking on "Reply" after reading their post.

  • When responding to another member's personal post, please remember that we're here to share our thoughts and memories. As you respond to others posts, but be respectful and keep our User Guidelines in mind.

  • This book club is for our stories and anecdotes addressing the question of "What Harry Potter Means to Me." If you'd like to discuss your predictions about the forthcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, please join our Waiting for Harry conversation.

  • If you wish to chat in a more general way about your reading experiences, consider posting a thread in our Community Room.

We're looking forward to reading everyone's stories -- enjoy the conversation!

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