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How It Began And Beyond!

It was summertime. The first HP movie came out on video. I used to play with an older girl than me. We used to play Harry Potter with Beanie Babies yet I never watched or read Harry Potter. Finally my friend let me watch the video. I was so excited! When it was over I was excited. The next day or so i bugged my mom to get the book. She didn't know what book but when I showed her Harry Potter, she looked at me like I was some looney toon. I was a great reader but this um was kind of shocking. I was just starting to read Junie B. Jones and I was 6! She probably thought Oh well she can try to read it. Well I read it and to be honest it took me about 4 months. I was reading a fifth sixth grade book! I finished the second just in time for the second movie. I loved I mean was probably litterally in love with it! Besides I was becoming a better reader and my reading level was starting to get off the charts. My Mom made me lay off HP for about the worst six months of my life. Then I had to get my hands on Prisinor of Azkaban. All I did was read. On the boat, read on a vacation, read. Instead of swimming I would sit there in read. While The Order of Phoenix came out my Mom took me at eight o'clock in the morning the day it came out to buy the book. I was complaining the night before that I couldn't go to the Midnight Party. I was almost finished with Prisinor of Azkaban. The day I finished the third book we went to the mall. I had to get my hands on the fourth book. The house would go CRAZY if I didn't read the fourth book. We got to some huge book store and there it was top of the Booklist, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire! (Cue angels and chorus)I just sat on the bench and read and in the car read at home till lights out, read. It took me until that Christmas. (Hey that book is REALLY thick) Then I grabbed my Order of Phoenix and that took me longer. It took me until a little after school ended. Now it was June of 2004. Bom, bom bom! A little more than a year until the Half Blood Prince. That year was the year of Harry Potter. I looked on rumors surfed the web on HP. I wanted to do anything that related to HP. Halloween, ANYTHING! Well my mom said I was now old enough to go to a midnight party. Two of my friends went. We waited four hours which is A LOT longer than you think it is. We were SO tired when it was midnight. I remember we were number 12! I was forced to go to bed. It was about twelve thirty and besides I was a little tired. I don't really remember when I finishe HBP but right before school started that year my friends put the best trick on me by saying my BFF was going to Hogwarts. We played a prank on my sister about Junior Hogwarts. She was SO upset when she found out it was fake. I dressed up as Hermione for Halloween and I still am a huge HP fan and when I'll be at the Midnight Party probably crying that the series is over. It's changed my life in so many ways and I can't believe the last book is coming in about a month! Man I'll miss the books looking forward to read them. It just wont be the same!
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Re: How It Began And Beyond!

I was much older than you when I got into the series. I really enjoyed it and became addicted. I used to dream about being at Hogwarts and everything. I didn't completly understand my fascination with the series. I am now 34. I went to the Barnes and Noble party when this last book came out. I was about 50th in line so I had to wait until about 12:30 to get my book. We were going away in the morning and I was very tired. I still enjoyed our little trip even though I was exhausted. I am now about 1/3 the way through the book. I am a slow reader too. I really don't want it to end.

Why does it have to end?

JKR Please write another book series.
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