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When Harry Met Me

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It was the beginning of 3rd grade when I first heard about Harry Potter Another girl in my class (a very smart child whom I had always admired and competed with)had been reading them in class and I became intrigued. I asked my mother for the books for Christmas. By accident, I discovered my mother reading the first book one night before Christmas that year and was unbelievebly excited that she had gotten the book for me. What I hadn't known at the time was that she had also gotten the 3rd book for me as well:smileyhappy: In the end, I read the first and the third books first. It took me a rather long time to convinve my mother to buy me the second book. I distincly remember sitting in the aisles at book stores and reading snatches of "Chamber of Secrets" whenever I had the chance. And eventually, of course, I recieved the book and read that one too, devouring the book as fast as I could. Perhaps my mother didn't want to get the 2nd book for me because she knew that I would be staying up long into the night reading it, just as I had done with the first and the third.
I was lucky. The very year that I began reading the books, I not only had the first 3 books available to me, but that summer was the summer that the fourth Harry Potter book came out as well. I remember reading the book in a week, something that I believed to be quite an accomplishment at the time. That same summer, however, was the same summer that I ended up moving from my childhood home in the city to a new home out in the subburbs.
I HATED my new home and was quite unconsolible about it. Dramatically, as any 9 and 10 year girl will, I believed that no one understood my problems and that no one could possibly understand what I was going through. For the next two years, I endured my days at school, where I was taunted and bullied, by reading. I read everything that I could get my hands on, far surpassing my classmates in reading levels. But it was Harry Potter, especially "The Goblet of Fire", that I thrived on.If you look at my copy of number four today, you will see all of the abuse that it has endured over the years. The pages have stains on them from dirty fingers. The cover has long since been stored away for safe keeping. The binding has been utterly destroyed and the actuall cover of the book (the one without the illustration on it:smileyhappy: has water stains all over it. This is what happened to it as a result of it being brought to school, day care, and the beach every day or time I went.
Of course, I moved again and entered a far more inviting atmosphere for my middle school and high school years. I live there still and will be entering my Junior year come September. I will always remember that in 7th grade my mother took away my Harry Potter books for TWO months!!! That was her way of punishing me- taking away my most beloved possesions. Of course, I smuggled a couple of the books out and into my locker at school before she could touch them, so I wasn't totally deprived, but I will always laugh about it.
My friends were also very into Harry Potter. Harry Potter cakes and wrapping paper were and are the norm among us, as well as Harry Potter scrapbooks and journals. Many of my friends that are outside of the Harry Potter cult laugh when I tell them about the year that I several other friends attended a Harry Potter Girl Scout camp... at the age of 13. All I will say on the subject is that it was a HARRY POTTER Girl Scout camp. End of discussion.
At the age of 14 all of my two best friends, my brother, and I attended the 6th Harry Potter book release party. All of us were donned in costume and armed with wands. One of my friends spent the night at my house and we stayed up till dawn finishing the books. I remember sitting on my dead, my eyes and head killing me, in shock because of Dumbledore's death. I almost burst into tears, but decided that my mother wouldn't have liked the untimely wakeup call.
A few weeks ago, I ended up buying 7 Harry Potter tickets to see the 5th movie at midnight. I bought all of those tickets with my own money(It cost me 63$, by the way) and really don't care if I ever get paid back so long as I can tell my grandkids that I saw OOTP at midnight the day that it came out.
I also almost fainted with pleasure when I walked into Hot Topic one day to discover the shelves stocked with Harry Potter goodness. Instead of fainting, ho0wever, I ended up shrieking in pleasure. My friend with me at the time smacked me over the head and told me to shut up when everyone in the tiny store looked at us. I haven't forgiven her for not getting as excited as I was yet...
And now the 7th Harry Potter book is going to be released in barely 19 days. AND I'M NOT ALLOWED TO GO TO THE MIDNIGHT RELEASE PARTY!!! My mother is being rather cruel by saying that since it's her birthday on the 20th, she doesn't want to go to the release party later that night....despite the fact that it's THE LAST AND FINAL HARRY POTTER BOOK EVER!!! She's quite willing to drive me to the bookstore later that day, say 11 o'clock in the morning, but is unwilling to let me stand in line to buy it at midnight. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to forgive her for it if I'm unable to convince her to let me go before the 20th... She thinks that I'm being ridiculus. I DON'T THINK SOOOOOOOOOOoooooo!
In the end, however, Harry Potter has had a profound effect on me. The saga is what marks my generation of kids. There are only a precious few kids over the age of 7 who have never touched, read, or have had read Harry Potter to them. I can only hope that all of us have come away with the morals and values that the magical authoress her self has been trying to teach us- that it doesn't matter who your parents are, it doesn't matter what your blood is because what you are doesn't determine what you will be or what you will do, that friendship and love are the most important things in life, that life is hard but it could be worse, and that nothing is ever exactly black or white- there's always a little grey:smileyhappy:

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Re: When Harry Met Me

I wish the HP books would have came out when I was younger. I feel so out of the loop since none of my adult friends read the series. I am so happy for you and both sad for you at the same time. I mean your mother not letting you go to the premiere on Sat. night since it was a blast. Or did you talk her into it?

Why does it have to end?

JKR Please write another book series.
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