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A dark poem.. BEWARE! :D

Hey. I want to enter a poetry contest. I wrote this poem on Death. I was feeling pretty down yesterday so this is how it turned out. (note: i'm not emo or emotionally depressed...)

Enjoy :smileyvery-happy:



One luminous morning

When I playing in my room,

Death knocked on my door.

I glanced at the knob,

watching Death try to twist the door open.

I knew it was him.


I pleasantly asked:

“Who is it?”



I glanced at the door trying to stay calm.

I asked once again:

“Who is it?”


Death said:

“You know who I am.”


I asked for the third time:

“Who is it?”


Death chuckled at me. He answered:

“Child, I am fear.

Will you let me in?”


I smiled proudly.

“My Papa told me that there

was nothing to fear

but fear itself.”


Death responded:

“Dear child, fear is fear.

Fear hides deep in the cracks of the sunlight.

Fear waits for the right moment to strike.

It might not capture you the first time

But fear will come the second round and succeed.

It has always.”


Death scratched at the doors,

Keening softly, whispering into my ears:

“Let me in. I have a special present only for you...”


I backed against the wall,

Trying to get further away from Death.

“Mama told me not to fear Death because

There is hope.”


Death banged on the door,

slowly cracking its structure.

He giggled:


Dear child, people have hope

Because they do not see Death standing

Behind them.”


Then Death seeped through

The cracks and holes in my door.

Fear soon began suffocating me.

I began drowning in its dark foamy

liquid of despair.


The liquid was thicker

Than the finest red blood.

With each breath I took

More fear filled into my lungs,

Silencing my feeble screams.


Death had one

Just like always.

 i feel this way in haunted houses... o.O

Tiger! Tiger! Burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmentry?
-William Blake
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Re: A dark poem.. BEWARE! :D

That's very scary, in a good way. I loved it, but was spooked at the end....  This  poem reminds me of my deepest fears, which I shall not mention....


Write On!

Kitty will attack anything that moves,
Causing trouble, starting battles just so he can be a part of
He’s the meanest little kitty so we named him Sparta!
~ Mean Kitty Song (smpfilms, I own nothing.)
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Re: A dark poem.. BEWARE! :D

I liked the creative thinking in this poem. I think it speaks very well to the fear within us all of death. Great insight...Russ
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Re: A dark poem.. BEWARE! :D

I like how you personified Death and the interaction... beautiful poem. 

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Re: A dark poem.. BEWARE! :D

I love how you described the despair as blood. it was very dark. I thought maybe the narrator would get away somehow. I was wrong... haha

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Re: A dark poem.. BEWARE! :D

Wow, this poem is incredible...i love the imagery, the personification. Makes some of the stuff I've written in the past sound like crap, haha. Poetry definitely ain't meh thang, lol.