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A poem

This is a poem for those of use who have to much time on our hands.

We the mere mortals of this plain of existences need for some reason to create something bigger than ourselves. But I say, do we really need it. What's the use, we just sit around and wait for them to tell us its our time! Who are they to tell us when to die do we not have our own free will can we not decide for ourselves when it is our time. Now by the hit of a car or the height of a cliff, then we may die but I'm not going to sit around and wait for some higher power to tell me to die!

This is not of course my acual belief I'm a devoted Christian and belive that god has the power and the right to tell us its our time.
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Re: A poem

wow! that's really good! you're very talented.

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Re: A poem

What a gift you have. :smileyhappy: It was very moving. Somrthing you should post up next to uncle sam posters or something.
Keep writing... I want to read more. :smileyvery-happy:

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