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Because I Love You.

It burn, my heart burns with such pain and bitterness.

I ask for forgiveness, rightness, wisdom, and love. 

And I get none. 


[He Replies] 


You get nothing because you give nothing. 

You ask for Rightness and give sinfulness. 

You ask for Forgiveness and sin right after.

You ask for Wisdom and you ask not me but the world. 

You ask for Love and give none back.


Your sins is what's stopping me from giving you everything. 

I have so much to give you and you rather take from the world. 

The world you shall have with all that it has to give. 

Pain, Hurtfulness, Darkness, Hate, and Death.


I watch you day and night, and I'm heartbroken for the man you have become. 

You think no one is watching, I see all and you shall take part in all that you worship. 

You will be broken so that you can not stand, without my aid, this I promise.


[I ask why]


Because I love you.  


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Re: Because I Love You.

This is very nice. You did a wonderful job showing the conversation between the two but also kept it simple yet intriguing. Thank you for sharing! 

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Re: Because I Love You.

I like it. It's much different then most poems I read and I do agree that I also love how you showed a the conversation between the two people =) Great Job!