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Can anyone spare a read for THE WRITING SAMPLER?

I am the author of THE WRITING SAMPLER which can now be acquired online at barnes and and I can literally authenticate my experiences before and subsequent to the POD status and availability of my book such that anyone who believes travails don't necessarily accompany a writer who attempts to publicize his own book is sadly mistaken.  I am the type of writer who prefers wee early morning hours to burn the midnight oil usually sometimes until dawn or sunrise.  All of my notes and ideas are compiled using mnemonics or similar devices within that vast paperless office called the human mind.  If I utilize my days attempting to further an accounting career, this is the only method in which I can remain loyal to my other trade and craft.  The documenting process is as necessary a requirement to complete my writings as is the conception from idea to story.  So recently, my change in circumstances and living conditions where I remain without the benefit of table, desk, writing pads, and chair or without my accumulated library of information, reference and literary books gravely detracts from my ability to further my writings.  I have also discovered that it becomes exceedingly difficult to market and sell THE WRITING SAMPLER when I can no longer convince anyone that I am a serious aspiring writer who has been befallen by adverse circumstances, i.e. a permanent residence by which to maintain writing integrity.  Am I to believe that even the most serious and successful writers have written tomes on-the-fly or while being homeless, for example?