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Farewell Writing Room Community

As many of you already know, the Writing Room will be locked as of 1 July 2012. Through the participation of members, the Writing Room has been a place of inspiration, creativity, and support. Thank you to everyone who has shared creative work, offered up feedback and support to fellow writers, posed interesting and challenging questions, and shared knowledge learned through experience. Much of the writer’s work is done in solitude, but community is an important—and necessary—means of growth.

The Writing Room will remain viewable and searchable. Essentially, it will become an archive. Please feel welcome to revisit guest author threads, past years' threads in which you declared your writerly goals, your own creative work or the work of others, or any other memorable posts.
I wish you all the best in your writing adventures. Though this is good-bye here at the Writing Room, I hope our paths cross in other positive ways out there in the writing world.


Brandi Reissenweber
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Re: Farewell Writing Room Community

But wait. If I can post, is it locked?