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Halfling(I need help n this story and whatnot{Short Story if continued}


Plot: This short story or book is about a girl who well is half- Faerie and half-Vampire. She is sent to stay at a private boarding school were she meets tons of boys who want to figure her out as if she were a crossword puzzle.

Emma Cain(Main character) is sent to a private boarding school in the middle of Senior year and the snobs are all taking bets if she's crazy or just plain weird.

James Skyhart(Main character): Finds Emma intriguing even when his bestfriend-Keith-warns him to keep away from her. He's drawn to Emma in a way only Emma understands.

Emma Cain

I wonder what these people will think of me. Being new at this shiny private boarding school in the middle of senior year can make people think not so very nice things about me already. Groan. I want to go home wherever that is. I wonder if I brought to much things, I turn and look at the movers and smile like I was apologizing.

I heard the click of heels before any one else did.

"Ah, so this is the famous Ms.Cain," the voice was young and the tones was sarcastic.

I turn to face were the voice came from. My hair swinging and sway to the small breeze. I force my face to smile pleasantly.

"Um, yes yes it is though I'm not famous. And you are...?" My voice sounds perky and confident though I hardly ever am.

"I'm Elizabeth Signo your Mentor and Dorm advisor," she smiled though it made her look like if she was in pain.

"oh so you can show them," I point to john the mover,"to my room they were about to ask me were so just go ahead and tell them."

I took this time to head to my BMW and get my camera. This place was gorgeous, the buildings looked as if they reached past the cloud banks. The trees surrounding the buildings were full of colorful leaves even when its winter. I take many pictures of the trees knowing that Elizabeth is coming much closer to were I was now standing. I take a picture of the black stones on the buildings. The sun was setting and the campus' glow was wonderful it looked like I was back with Sylvia in tosaigh álainn.

Tosaigh álainn- Beautiful Front is were I used to live it was a dimension for halflings. It was a place made up of places. It had a piece of Ireland, Switzerland, England, Brazil, Philippines and it would go on forever. When the sunrises and set it was even more gorgeous than ever. It was like a fairytale though nothing that wasn't supposed to speak did. The trees were always wonderful. Long beautiful and how the multi colored leaves swayed with the wind made it seem like they danced with a never ending song. The sun was the most magical thing there. It made everything come to life it was our muse. The muse of everyone in the Beautiful Front made us believe we belonged as long as we were there.

A tap on my shoulder brought me back form my reverie. Ms. Signo was handing me a piece of paper.

"This is your schedule, you'll figure it out on your own trust me. Over there," she gestured to a building with a black flag with red and grey on it."Is the girls dorm your room number is 812. If you need anything just ask someone were I am. Good night." She threw over her shoulder as she left.

I planned on staying there taking pictures until the movers were done. Though not after long I heard more footsteps heading my way. But this time I was planning on ignoring them.

James SkyharWell tell me what you think. You can email me @


Unpublished Rights Reserved for Valerie M.

Let the darkness take you in it's hold. Let him squeeze life out of you maybe next you'll learn not to be scared of him.
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Re: Halfling(I need help n this story and whatnot{Short Story if continued}

i was searching for the part 1 when i read your part 2. lol, i just found it today.


WOW.. your story is awesome! it's even more intriguing than I thought. I like the name of the Emma's previous home - Tosaigh álainn. Very good job!. I'll read the part three now :smileyhappy: