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Halfling(part three)

So this is part three of Halfling. Tell me what you think viewers:smileyvery-happy:

Emma Cain

The footsteps came around the corner I told myself not to look up. The footsteps came from two boys. One was shorter then the other and from the corner of my eye he looked embarrassed. From what I could tell he was wearing a Death Cab for Cutie t-shirt. His friend was tall and seemed eve taller than me from here. He didn't stand out though his shirt did its bright colors and the way Pierce the Veil was written. I felt their eyes boring into my side so with a sigh I turned and stared back at them. When I turned to stare back someone's scent hit my nose and I grimaced without wanting to. It was the smell of dog and wood; werewolf. I new Sylvia-my mentor-picked this place cause of the supernatural activity and it was 'safe'. But werewolves? God this was going to be a long first day.
Now I saw the two boys better. I looked at the tall one first, He wore all black except for the blasts of colors on his shirt. He looked muscular and lean, his hair was really blonde almost white. He smiled or rather grinned when he noticed I was checking him out. I looked away towards the short one,the werewolf, he looked angry. I heard him growl slightly and hiss at Mr.. Tall. Mr.. Tall shook his head and told him to go on without him. Something was off about that; no werewolf would've listened to a a human easily. I decided to ignore that and keep taking pictures before Mr.. Tall came to 'talk' to me.
It was sort of odd that some random guy would come and talk to me. I usually just get stared at or they just leave hastily. Maybe its how I look that usually scares them off. My too big eyes, the fact that they're both different colors. One grey,that's what I think the color is. Its to shiny to be grey and to plain to be silver, the other an ever changing rainbow. It changes on how the other people around me feel for example this guy whose walking towards me sees it black. It means he's undecided about something. Sometimes they both change colors. Mr.. Tall was now too close and I could hear his breath.
"Hey, um your new here aren't you?" He asked.
I didn't want to sound mean or rude so I made myself sound bored and uninterested, "Yeah u am actually."
His eyes glued to my every move. Watching me as I slid off the car and onto the parking lot. Its was creepy how he stared it was as if he was a stalker of some sort.
"Well I've been here since Freshmen year. I can show you around if you'd like", He sounded hopeful. This guy was throwing himself way too fast jeez talk about being odd.
I started to walk slowly wondering if he noticed but by the way he looked me in the eyes I was pretty sure he didn't.
"I'll figure it out on my own. But thanks though", I threw over my shoulder and escaping hastily.

James Skyhart


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