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Ideas for a book! Need help!

I want to write a full length book. I have the knowlage in the folowing areas:


Computers: Binary, Batch, HTML, Java-script

Math: Basic math, Simpla algorithms

Science: Basic Physics, Earth, Space, (and almost anything related to science!)

Intrests:Horror Movies/books, Non-Fiction, Fiction

Toughts: Fantasy (Wizards, Magic, Wariors,(ETC.)


Any help will be apreciated!

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Re: Ideas for a book! Need help!

First of all, we need to clarify one thing: Wanting to write a book is one thing; actually writing a book is another. Okay. Now we're on the same page here.


Like I've said in a simillar post, ideas don't grow on trees. Asking people for ideas will not help you if you want to begin a writing career, as most people in this chat room do. However, we can give you advice on how to find an idea.


Firstly, you need to decide what you want your story to be about. This is the easiest part of the writing process. But since it seems like you're having trouble doing this, try the following things:


1. Find a concept that you find intriguing (mythology, DNA hybrids, ressurection, etc.).

2. Expand that concept. Question it. ("What would happen if...?" "I wonder why...?")

3. Create.


Now that you know what you want to write about, the questions that it provokes in the back of your mind, fill in those blanks with words. Go beyond the boundaries of a concept as simple as a man who moves into a house that has been empty for years and is deemed to be haunted by ghosts. Why has the house been empty for years? Why is it said to be haunted.


Keep in mind: You are the writer. If you're looking to do a fantasy flick (which I highly suggest, since the imagination can be the most creative there, in my opinion), feel free to explore your story, dig deeper into its subconscious. However, if you're interested in writing something sci-fi or mystery related, remember that your plot will have to be slightly more simple and realistic.


I hope my advice has helped, and I wish you the best of luck in writing your story!


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