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Is my story idea too cliche or unrealistic?

The idea for story is this:


A girl goes on holiday, meets a boy. Typical 'love' story. They have sex and she returns home, realises she doesn't have his name, any details.


Fast forward a few months, she realises she's pregnant, has no way of communicating with him etc.


Her parents kick her out, friends try to help her, but nothing is really worth it.


Fast forward again (I have more details but I'm sorting them out at the moment), she gives birth to a daughter.


She knows where the boy's from, so goes there and searches for him, asking around as she only knows his first name.


Eventually finds him by recognising some of his family from the holiday they were on. 


The boy introduces her and their daughter to his family etc.


There's more after, but it's the bulk of it that I'm worried about in terms of realistic-ness (if that's a word) and whether people would want to read something like this.


Please be brutally honest, I'm a teen myself and I would be aiming at a similar audience, but I've read so many books in my time that all seem to be constructed from the same materials.


Is this too boring and similar to everything else out there? Or is it just too unrealistic for someone to take seriously - mainly people who would help me publish it if I get that far?


Thanks, Nathalie

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Re: Is my story idea too cliche or unrealistic?

I think this book wouldn't be so geared for teens. If it's a love story, then why add a baby into the mix? I think there wouldn't be enough happening in the novel to truly hook a teen. The basics revolve around one ultimate concept: Girl meets boy. Girl has sex. Girl gets knocked up. Girl has no contact with boy. Girl loses everything. Girl begins looking for boy. However, if it is well written enough, it could possibly be a very good book. Anything is possible.

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Re: Is my story idea too cliche or unrealistic?

I don't think it's too unrealistic.  The only part I really don't buy, going by what you described for us, is that he is okay with the pregnancy and introduces her to the family.  Since she doesn't even know his last name, is he really that attached to her?  Depending on what angle you write it from, (how old they are, if it works out, if it doesn't, the aftermath of her finding him) it could potentially be in the young adult/teen fiction category.  I think it would be an interesting story, either way.  Good luck!

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Re: Is my story idea too cliche or unrealistic?

It's hard to tell from this little synopsis, whether or not it would make a good story.  You can write about any subject, it's the details that count...


How and why, and to whom (age) it's aimed for.   What kind of a old is the girl to go off by herself....what are her parents like....what leads up to this meeting of this old is he..... Give a good (and well written) reason for the parents to just up and kick their daughter out....and a good reason for this boy, and his parents, to accept her.  What are all of these characters aims and goals?


What do you want to say to your readers?  Is there a moral to this story?  Do these characters have regrets, or what's in their history to substantiate their decision making?



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Re: Is my story idea too cliche or unrealistic?

This sounds like an interesting story! As other commenters have mentioned, the real magic is in the execution of the writing. A great idea can be a flop with poor writing and an idea that just seems so so can shine at the hands of a skilled writer.


As you write, do be sure to consider the complexity of the situation. The boy is bound to have a complicated reaction and the girl may question her own decisions. Also, be sure to think through how she finds the boy. Perhaps something from their conversation helps give her direction in where to look in the town. That might make it more likely--and believable--that she'd come upon them.