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Just Breath

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Stuck in the mud surrounded by quicksand. The beauty of a rose stands tall atop a staff of thorns. 
Love and Hate balances on the razors edge, the breathe of a new born warms an old heart. 

Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow. 

The weight is heavy, at times unbearable, other times breathe is as relaxing as the purple mountains beauty of a perfect sunset. 

The journey long, feet tired and aching, time for side B of this broken record.

The days burn like the embers of the flame, time never slows, never takes a break. I stand, and trust tomorrow is a new day. 

Tomorrow will arrive, tomorrow. Nature, sky and earth gaze upon me, the silence of the wind shouts - Just breath. DMK.

DMK - Author of, From the Ashes, Coming Soon via Solstice Publishing.
Un-Complicate, loosen up, today is a new day if one can release yesterday to the winds.” DMK.
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Re: Just Breath

I can't tell if you are looking for feedback, but I made a few notes.




I liked your images.


I looked up "breath" and "breathe."


Breath is a noun, i.e., every breath you take.


Breathe is a verb, i.e., breathe deep the gathering gloom.


There are a few cliches, i.e., razors edge, tomorrow is a new day.


The piece did not tie well together for me, the imagery bounced around.




But it's your writing and it's meaningful to you; that's important.


Thanks for sharing.