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Lets write a story?

Hya! Okay, well I'm 15. And I remember one day in one of my middle school classes back then the teacher made us do this project where she would pick a topic for us and we would write one paragraph. However long or short you wanted it. What we didn't know was that the next day she made us switch papers and another person would carry on a paragraph of our story, in whichever way they wanted. This carried on until everyone had written on everyone's paper at least once. So long story short, we wrote a story together. :smileyhappy:
Want to write a story with me?
Let's say the topic is free-write. Let's just see how the story rolls.
There was a girl, and a boy. Every story about a girl has a boy. She was just turning 16, he was already 18. He was nothing but trouble. She was a simple city girl trying to enjoy life as it came by. She adored her friends and her school work, and all the normal teenage things. That day, one day, the first day, the best day....The worst day. The girl, Emma, had left her friend's house late one night to return to her own abode. As she was walking she was admiring the moon and the darkness but something didn't seem right. That is when she ran into him....
copy, paste, and continue. (: good luck. :smileyvery-happy::smileywink::smileytongue:
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Re: Lets write a story?

Or more accurately he almost ran into her. He was running hard and the hooded shirt he wore blocked his side vision enough that when he turned he hit her hard. They both went down on the sidewalk, his knee jamming into her stomach and knocking the breath from her. Which almost blocked the pain from her skinned knees. Almost.
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Re: Lets write a story?

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Sharp like a knife's point, the acute ache stabbed up and down the length of her legs. She let out a yelp of pain, trying to hold back the tears that threaten to spill from her eyes. "What the-" he growled, at the same time as she said, "Watch it."  They both shoved themselves off the ground, not bothering to make sure the other was OK.  They glared at each other coldly before passing each other and heading off in different directions.  However, try as she might, Emma couldn't help but wonder what the boy in the dark sweatshirt was doing out so late at night, running the way that he was, couldn't help but think what gorgeous eyes the unnamed stranger had.  And she couldn't help but think this wouldn't be the last time she saw him...

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Re: Lets write a story?

Something about him and this whole situation was just to confusing, that even long after the boy backed away and took off running again, she still thought about him. Laying in her bed she ran her fingers over where her stomach ached. Right before she walked onto her property she could barely stay awake and now all Emma could do was lay with her eyes open thinking about him. She didn't even know his name yet he was already keeping her awake through out the night.
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