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Looking for readers for my First book

Hello B&N enthusiasts,


My name is Jordan Collins. and I'm getting close to being half way done (long book) of my first book and I'm looking for readers people who can tell me what they think of what they read so far. I've broken the chapters up more to make the read easier and to keep people wishing to read.

The book is Religious Fiction, and its filled with suspense. As well as real world language (slangs/ curse words, profanity) to add to the realism of the book. I don't wish to tell too much about the book because I wish for each person to discover this world independently. this is the first rough draft, so it may be rough at certain areas. so please keep that in mind.    


The title of the book is : "Divpedus" 


Div⋅ped⋅us [dev-eh-dus]

–noun, adjective

  1. God’s moving will
  2. Divine will
The book starts off during the night at a party. you are introduced to a character named Adrian Cristiano , he's 25, lives in east Manhattan. he's a self made millionaire off of designing purses which lead to the creation of his own purse company. The first portion of the book is through third person limited view of Adrian. he soon retires for the night after driving home. where his life will change forever...
So with that in mind if any one(s) is/are interested please just reply and we will get the ball moving I will post the first couple paragraphs for an example. Thank you.

The clings and clangs of champagne glasses could be heard from the lavish room as people dressed in their finest attire laughed and embellished one another with conservation.

She stood there in her long slender red dress, perfectly preserving the figure of her body. It was like she was carved by God himself. Her smile radiated the room with a warm and welcoming sensation. Her eyes trapped many in a gaze as her striking brown pools dared you to come near. Her sweet aroma could only magnify her as the center of attention. She was with no flaws; absolute perfection. She was a perfect lie.


He stood there across the room in his midnight black suite that portrayed a tale of mysteriousness as his blood red tie whispered hints of excitement. He was about average height and more over a darker bronze color. People could have easily confused him as being mixed. He had a semi-bulky build, which blended well with his suite. He had been, like most of the other men in the room, fixated on her as she mingled with guests. He was standing off to the side just out of reach of her eyes. 
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Re: Looking for readers for my First book

Sounds interesting!    You kind of get a feel for the people and setting up what could possibly happen next with the descriptions.  You're welcome to post whatever and however much you want, but I would advise (as I have posted things on here as well) that you don't post too much at once.  A lot of people on here are writers too and probably won't read something that is too long.


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Re: Looking for readers for my First book

im in, let me know what i can do to get a copy.