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My Soldier

Well I just saw a commercial for the Military, so I thought I would write a poem about it! It is not my best, and I dont really like this one. I dont know why I am posting it... Oh well here goes.



My Soldier

My cherry red lips

Press firmly to the cross.

Your face is imprinted -sketched-

Your arms around me, whispering in

My ear.

Your hugs... Your kisses


torn away; is the feeling.

One bullet. then Two.

A soldier you stand.

Solute you do.


You leave me.


away-from me.


I can never hide it-

That pain in my chest.

-/i collapse/-

 agony takes over.


I scream at them.

/their blood in my hands/

:their LIVES i have taken:


Forever My Love,

Rest My Soldier.

Sincerely Yours,
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Re: My Soldier

that literally almost made me cry because i have really good friends in the military.
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Re: My Soldier

it is very touching maybe more adjectives and salute is spelled with an a not an o but otherwise it is well written
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Re: My Soldier

you're awesome..your poem's so good..loved it! :smileyhappy:
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Re: My Soldier