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Need A Character >>> (please) !!!

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Alright. Here's the deal. I'm writing a story. And the only thing missing is one character. I actually have this character in the story already, but I am in desperate need of their NAME.

Here's what I can give away about the character: They happen to be very...scene/emo (of you enjoy labels) and they're 17. They're hosting a big party at their house, in honor of the end of school. They end up being totally intoxicated and/or high, and try taking one of the main characters' significant others. (they wanna sleep with em :smileysurprised: ) This in turn sparks a big fight...etc. etc.

YOUR HOMEWORK: >>> To give me this character's name. It can be boy or girl. But I think I'm leaning more toward girl. I need a first and last name. And if you would like (not necessary by any means) you can throw in a couple of details about the person. (to make it more your own) physical appearances, personality, whatever.

***I'm really desperate for this because it's getting published in a week or so and I REALLY need this name lol and of course, I would like to give you credit, so if you decide to give me a character, also give me a name or nickname or something (for you) so I can give you credit in the book)***

If there's as much success with this as I hope, (this post) I'll be picking the winning character on Wednesday, August 5th, at about noon (CST)

Thanks a bunch!


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Re: Need A Character >>> (please) !!!

i love making up charcters so here it hoes, first thing little bit of advice us girls love the naive sensitive heroins the naive pretty girls but who arnt aware tof there beauty is the way to win readers over its why we love bella, becuase there not perfect, but relatable


Aleena : shoulder length hair falling in soft curls, 5 ft 4, hazel eyes, with a curvy figure, (very paranoid abot her looks)  fnds comfort n her hoodies and bagy jeans, keeps her hair tied up

thats also my charatcer for my add on, but u can keep it, so there you go, :smileyhappy:

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Re: Need A Character >>> (please) !!!

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just so happens that I ADORE making characters and I'm doing some for my novel right now- you're in luck!!! okay, girl, huh?

let's see...


Ashley Torata- Long blonde hair, big gray eyes, cheerleader type body, athletic (but not cheerleading, surprisingly) 


Melanie Lee- Pale, black hair, ocean blue/gray eyes, quiet, bookish type 


Lee Ann Doran- Curly brown hair, hazel eyes, mischievous look about her, flirt, yet not much is known about her life outside of school 


someone else with a name that fits better.  =) 



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Re: Need A Character >>> (please) !!!

Okay, I know this is really delayed, but lol I hope this helps:


Elizabeth (Lizzie) Brown - big brown eyes, average height, strawberry-blond hair


Justin Blake - emerald green eyes, very tall, very muscular, spiked light blond hair with highlighted green tips

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Re: Need A Character >>> (please) !!!

Emily Jayne-Em


Alessandra Becket-


Elleanor Bennet- Elle


Maxine Grey- Max



Now the guys


Logan Adams 


Derek Reeves





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Re: Need A Character >>> (please) !!!

Depends on what name you use (if you yes it)


Girl: Ray Barlow- 5ft 6in. Dark brown hair, Caribbean blue eyes, Pale skin, very athletic, lanky, can't take a joke.


Boy: Leo Barlow- 5ft 11in. Almond brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin, lean, very sarcastic.

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Re: Need A Character >>> (please) !!!

Hi Phreakfest!  This is long after your publication deadline, but it seemed like an interesting challenge.


DELVIN DIGMORE -- Emo in all black.  Walks with a strange gait.  Turns out he has an artificial leg, from playing truth-or-dare with a train as a child.  He's still playing truth-or-dare with Life.  His heavy emo look "dares" normal people to look him in the eye.  Yet the "truth", for people who do accept him for how he looks, is that he speaks in beautiful poetic rhymes he makes up on the spot.  Poignant words and observations that can bring tears to your eyes.


LAURA LOSTINFOLD -- Daughter of famous, glamorous parents, she searches for her own unique identity.  All emo in dress and makeup, her long black hair barely lets her facial features be seen.  Turns out she has a false, make-up scar she carefully putties on her cheek every morning.  She feels more normal with even a false-flaw.  It makes her feel more human and normal, separate from her "perfect" parents.  Plus she loves the widened eyes and gasps when she pulls back her hair from that cheek.  That's one reaction her famous parents never get!



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Re: Need A Character >>> (please) !!!

Shelly Anne McIntosh.  She has dark, wavy hair that she can't do a thing with, green eyes and pale but clear skin.  She hates her name, it was her great-grandmother's name.  Her friends call her by her initials, Sam, which drives her father nuts.  He always calls her Shelly Anne.