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No Destination

No Destination



It seems so tranquil

It is so peaceful

There's a need deep inside

To walk and just keep walking

I don't know what it is

A force

A power

A dream

It sets my feet in motion

Begging to be taken

Somewhere far away

As if in a slumber

My mind doesn't question

With the starlight guiding

My every step

I keep on moving

Keep on walking

I don't know why it happens

It's like a time to get away

From everything in life

The stress

The pain

The fear

It opens a door to calm

It says don't worry

Life goes on

I wonder where I'm going

But I have no destination

And suddenly it doesn't matter

My whole body seems to sway forward

Pushing me on

I don't know what compels me

To just start walking

To just keep walking

To never stop walking



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Any comments? Advice?
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Re: No Destination

I love the theme to this poem. It's very to-the-point and it gives the reader a feeling of emptiness thinking about this person who is trying to find their way.


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Re: No Destination

This is a great poem. It reminds me of how so many of us feel lost in life yet know that we need to be going somewhere somehow. It is a good representation of that unknowing feeling and anxiety.
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Re: No Destination

Awsome poem. Dark and empty, many more people will find this as a "glimpse of hope".