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Once I knew the steps,

Of a mad, mad dance

Whirling 'round.


Once I knew the silver ringing,

Of joyous laughter,

An utterly perfect sound.


Once I knew the course,

Of the stars, the moon,

The distance of a raven's flight.


Once I knew the flicker,

Of a glow, deep and hidden,

Far from sight.


Once I felt a pulse,

Of a steady, beating drum,

Now faded and tremulous,

The murmur of a mouse's hum.


Once I was a dreamer,

Wings bright and strong and young,

Ice has stolen the warmth,

Leaving my soul cloaked and numb.


Once I held a well of words,

Quick and cunning and bladed.

Over stones and pages,

They flowed, now aged and faded.


Once upon a time....

It began.

A ripple falling, spiraling out.

An inner voice, my whispered doubt.


Once upon a time...

I took a chance,

Gave a dark butterfly,

A second glance.


Once upon a time...

I begin anew.

A single step at a time.

Know the rhythm, feel the rhyme.



'Of wings and words and dancing milkweed seeds...'

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Re: Once

I like this one very much. Thank you for shareing. The last line I thought had impact.
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Re: Once


This is a very life lesson kind of poem.

It sounds like a summary of a sad story

Maybeyou can make it into a nice novel!

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

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