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Staring in a daze,

My head is filled,

With thoughts of you.

My head is spinning,

My thoughts confused.

Things happened so quickly,

I never even gave myself,

Time to think.


My heart bleeds.

I can't focus my thoughts,

For you captive my mind,

decieving my thoughts.

You manipulated my heart,

And besieged my mind.


I lay myself down at night,

My eyes replaying,

Pictures of your face.

I can feel the warmth of your skin,

The passion in your embrace.

When I wake,

I know it was just a trick of the mind,

For again I am alone.


You came into my world,

You turned it upside down.

I thought you could be,

The change in me.

How could I be so naive?

I got sucked into so easily.

I let you pull the strings of my heart,

Like a puppeteer mastering his puppet.


To you I was a puppet,

A toy for you to play with as you will.

Now you're gone.

You've moved on.

How I wish you would return,

To move my heart again.


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Inspired Scribe
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Re: Puppeteer

Oh my! That was AWESOME!!!! You are very talented!!! You should publish ALL your poems!!! They are so GOOD!!! yes I'm screaming with delight!!! :smileyvery-happy:
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Re: Puppeteer

Hey Tori!!


I really liked the poem.  The feeling of being played, of being used, and of feeling jaded is hard to forget.  Especially when the "puppeteer" is/was supposed to be somebody that loves and accepts us. 


Your poem shows the awful set of mixed feelings that assault a person in this situation.  We all crave love, passion and the bittersweet taste of a relationship.  But, sometimes, the other person is a controlling puppet master that knows all they have to do to manipulate our strings is to through a little love and affection our way.  Like the puppet, we then dance and twirl, knowing with a hidden surety that we will be discarded and left.

Sic volvere Parcas...
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Re: Puppeteer

Thank you for the feedback! It is the aweful truth, and I wish these things didn't happen as often as they do, but we just gotta pick ourselves up of the floor, and roll with the punches. I believe everything happens for a reason, just gotta figure out what that reason is. And I would like to be able to publish them, I'm just not sure where to do so.

Inspired Wordsmith
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Re: Puppeteer

Oh, my God - I love this poem! You did a great job with the stanzas, choosing words that I would happily approve of. Moonseeker is so right. You need to publish your works. They remind me a lot of Redheart's poems because both of yours are so meaningful :-)