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Some Hearts


Some Hearts


            You told me you                                       loved me, told me

        I was the girl for you,                              that there was no one but

     me, could never be another.                    Called me beautiful as you'd

   caress my hair with you finger                tips, send electrifying jolts of

    excitement through my veins, made me    believe that, even when I'd

      look in the mirror and doubt        what you'd say, these words were

        true. But then, just as I began         to feel it too, you let me fall, a

           glass vase against concrete,    shattered me entirely. You say

               you loved me, that there could    never be another girl-

                   and yet I caught you serving        it up hot 'n‘ steady

                       to a bleach-blond I never even   knew that you

                           knew, threw all our     moments together

                                 aside like they   didn't even matter.

                                     Do you know   how much I still

                                       cry over that   fated day? Do

                                           you realize that    some

                                                hearts    just can't

                                                    take    this

                                                       kind  of

                                                          hu  rt?


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Re: Some Hearts

i seriously love this poem. its deep and interesting and has the right amount of descriptiveness to it.
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