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The Arrow Writer's HandBook. a quick reference guide to improve your writing!

a book that was written in 2000 by Scholastic. and they don't sell it no more so i'm going to put it on here.:smileytongue:its only 32 pages but i'm going to shorten it.


 chapter #1 the writing process

good writing takes time. its a fact that all writers learn, whether they journalist, poets, copywriters, novelist, technical writers, or just people who have made writing part of there lifes. if you talk serious writers, you will discover that most of them don't just scribble down some words, correct their spelling, and hand in their piece to someone. No way!:mantongue:

writing spend time Prewriting- talking to people, writing down lots of different ideas,thinking about what they really want to say, and who they want their audience to be. :manvery-happy: Writers often revise what they have written many times- changing the leads, moving around paragraphs and sentences, adding in new material, and cutting out stuff that doesn't work anymore.:manhappy:

finally, writers  copy edit and proofread their pieces, correcting any grammar ans spelling mistakes, and making sure their piece is perfect before they share it with an audience or publish it.

  thats all for chapter 1 and i'll write more if you like the advise.


p.s. this is not my writing, i just thought you would like to here this because i know you all like to write.




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