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Re: The most over-used storyline: ?

Dreamer4ever wrote:

Lately a lot of stories have been sounding alike. I'll walk into the bookstore and it's like there will be this one book about this thing and a book just a shelf down sounds almost the same. There are so many books coming out that seem to have the same plot. But in a way it's just like a joke; it might be funny the first time, but after that it's just annoying. It's getting me to wonder whether we've run out of ideas and are just jumping for the easy ones.


Since Twilight came out I've been hearing about all different books about vampires because suddenly people are on a vampire high. And usually it's a love story between a vampire and a human because that's the forbidden relationship and therefore it's interesting. But is this plot becoming a little worn out, do you think?


Anybody else tired of a common plot?

"Twilight" did not invent this story line.  This is as old as Shakespere.   Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story.   It is just a modern twist on an old theme that doesn't go out of style. 

The next generation will bring us love with an alien or something like that.  


How many "coming of age" stories are there?   There are only so many plots.  The art to writing is making the story original.


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Re: The most over-used storyline: ?

Before twilight even appeared to the public audience there have been millions of anonomys authors that have been writing the same Plot.

There has been over a hundred of vampire-love storys that I have read that there is nothing similair to.

And they arent written badly at all.


Though Twilight isn't beaneath these storywriters, it is sligthtly behind on the complicated scenes. I think that there was to many people in the story. A little of the King- disease. She knows how to track her main characters but there is to much going on at the same time.

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Re: The most over-used storyline: ?

I have to admit I'm drawn to stories about vampires but I haven't read the "Twilight" Series. Just because the book contains a vampire doesn't mean I will buy the book. The storyline itself has to drawn me in before I will read it.


I agree with Black_Crayon. There have been many love stories with vampires that aren't similar.


I did try to read Anne Rice's "Interview with a Vampire" but could not get past the first couple of chapters, however her book "Blood and Gold" I thought was very good.


I also love the classics such as "Phantom of the Opera" and "Pride and the Prejudice" among others.