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Re: Topic 9: What are you writing now?

Glad to hear from several of you about your current projects. There’s such a wonderful energy and enthusiasm in these messages. Keep up that momentum!
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Re: Topic 9: What are you writing now?

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Brandi_R wrote:

Cup_of_Joe wrote:
I have just finished the final version of my 100,000-word near-future, sci-fi novel, called "Cyberdrome." After making a another run through the synopsis, I will be sending it and the first 3 chapters off to an agent for review.

After that, I have a few short stories outlined, just to give myself a little break before starting the next big novel (which will be a far-future, first exploration of a water-planet (no solid land). Since I am an oceanographer by day, I thought the next undertaking should use that background (as they say, write what you know!).


That will be a great opportunity to use your unique knowledge in a work of fiction. And I imagine your knowledge will also open up possibilities for conflict, deeper metaphor, etc. Congratulations on finishing up the first novel. Do let us know how your agent-hunting goes.

Thanks for the kind words, Brandi.
Unlike most of the SF books I have read, my stories are all centered on my characters, which I try to make as realistic as I can. For instance, even though my current novel takes place 30 years from now when Artificial Intelligence is predicted to surpass human intelligence (resulting in something call a Technological Singularity), the story actually centers on a strained father-son relationship, which is partly based on my own conflicts with my now-deceased father. The story is also structured as a "Hero's Journey" as described by Joseph Campbell (and others). I spent almost a year outlining it in excessive detail before writing a single word, and then it took me another six years to complete (actually I would have completed it in about 3 years, but I had a daughter and now a son to fill up my free time :smileyhappy:. That is another reason why I will write a few short stories before undertaking the next novel.


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Re: Topic 9: What are you writing now?

sigh, I am working now on 3 stories.

One of which is a remix to Harry potter,
the other about greek myths,
and the last about a Vampire.

The Harry potter one is on chapter 21,
the myth on chapter 3,
and the Vampire one isn't really a novel type.

I am also working on this diary called "Self Therapy"

as you can see my problem with all this is that I do too many things at once. I find it easy to focuz on one thing and then just switch to something else, but I really wanna get done the Harry Potter one for the sake of my readers. Since I'm on chapter 3 for the one about myths I don't have much readers to worry about just yet, and the Vampire one is more of a self topic.

The self therapy is online for anyone to read, if they know where to look. I naturally just do that to vent. Except my venting, writing in total, always comes out in the form of a story, so I keep with that.
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