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Your "Quotes"


Maybe you know from the Title, that I want to talk about your favorite quote you made up or

someone else said. 

I really like quotes and I want to know more about what others like..

So, here are some quotes that I really like:

"the wise learn from fools and fools should learn from the wise"

"the most visicoius animal on earth are humans. Humans dominate the world as their own."



"Two things are infinite: human stupidity and the universe;and I'm not sure about the universe."

~Albert Einstein

please post any quote!!

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
― Dr. Seuss
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are you going to do the right or the wrong?"
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Re: Your "Quotes"

My favorite sits at the botton of my posts. The best surprise is a surprise yet untold. I just mummbled that one day and thought hey I like I like that. I kinda let my signature reflect how I feel at the time. I also like to mix a thing up to bits. Hence. Variety add some to make a thing interesting. I like to make things up jumble the words and some how make sence in a few little ones. I also like my " Life bites, intolerable is the alternative. That one is more a reminder
Silence is golden,
Duck tape is silver.

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Re: Your "Quotes"

My favorite quote by myself?  I have to go to my fantasy story the "Raven Files" for the quote and it was said by the hero himself Raven and his friend Leblanc during their first meeting.


Leblanc "Thank you Sir"


Raven  "You can thank me later after we get away from Barbos, Mister Knight, oh I didn't catch your name?"


Leblanc  "I am Sir Leblanc of the Imperial order of knights, what is yours kind sir?"


Raven  "Raven"


Leblanc "Nice to meet you Sir Raven"


And this is why it's my favorite is the next part


Raven "No, Just Raven"


Leblanc Ok Sir Just Raven"  


Sorry to say but poor Leblanc early in my story was just really dumb.  Was for comedy relief from all the fighting and adventure

Help me down the crooked road. Lead me to the light. I'm not sure I know the way but with you beside me, I'm certain we'll make it through.
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Re: Your "Quotes": Dark Butterfly

"Dark butterflies, muted and quiet, hovering on the brink of the world, seeing and unseen.  But then light shifts, something glimmers and flares.  Indigo, violet, navy, emerald, cobalt, and bronze.  Hidden from the eyes of the mortals, the colors of the twilight and dawn.  Deeper, richer, darker, dense and heady.  These are the dark butterflies...They fly where others fall, soar on into the heart of a gale, fear bedamned.  Reckless courage and foolish, hoping hearts..."  Chance twisted away, jaw tight, hands clenched.  Slowly he willed himself to still and face her.                                                                                                                

Agony of past horrors burned in his eyes as he gazed at Lark, her story now fully told, her secrets stripped away.  Everything had come down to this.  She was a Fleur, a Flower of the Darkkin, a forbidden bud, never meant to bloom and now...Damn it...Her head hung in shame for she thought she was...An abomination, she had been called by fools, a Flower of Evil by the Dark Madame...A curse.  She had no idea what she had done for him, what she did to him with a single, soft look, a fleeting smile.                 


She was his light, his life, his flower...She bloomed in his keeping, battling against the dark tides of the past.  He was a creature of the shadows and she a night blossoming flower.  He drew a sharp, cold breath, fighting for control and the last strands of his own reckless courage.  Reaching out, he took her fragile, smoke and blood smeared hand in his.                                                                                                                 


She lifted her head, her curls a wild tangle, frosted with falling snow.  Her eyes nearly black in the faint light, awash with tears of humiliation, but she met his gaze.  Chance's foolish, hoping heart fluttered in his chest.  "Dark butterflies...Unseen by the sun, but glided by the moon and polished by the stars...Coated in the ashes of yesteryear's tragedies.  But washed clean by the dew that falls from the shadowed flowers.  I am a dark butterfly,Lark. I'm a dark butterfly, who knew nothing of his colors, frozen in time.  I was a relic of a cindered past until you washed away a decade and more of ash and bitterness.  You chipped away the stone sealing soul, stealing in like a summer breeze.  You drew me out of the debris and showed me the beauty of moonshadows and starlight.  You breathed life into me, forced my heart to beat.  I basked in the light you cast upon my hidden colors.                                                                                                                                                             

It is you, my flower, who has made life worth living.  You are my spirit and strength.  Without you, my wings fail, my courage withers to dust.  Without a flower to sustain it, the dark butterfly fades, it colors die...You, Lark, are my Flower...My Fleur de Celeste.  I cannot and will not allow you lose hope."  Tears now streaked the soot on both their faces as Chance nearly choked on his words.                                    


"Please..."  He murmured, placing her small hand over his thundering heart.  "The words of others are merely that, words, nothing more."  He pressed his much larger, warmer one over hers resting the begrimed lawn of his shirt.  "But this is real...Please, say yes...Fly with me."

'Of wings and words and dancing milkweed seeds...'