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when do u let some read what u write?

I'm writing a story, my first ever story that is all my own...and I REALLY don't like other people reading my story (i write in the middle of the night when everyone's asleep or when no one can see and change my screen to something else when ever they try to catch a glance at it) 

...but i know that sooner or later someone has/needs to read when should i let someone read it? while i'm writing so i can get an opinion on some things?  or when i'm done?

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Re: when do u let some read what u write?

The weird thing is...I do the exact same thing!!! It drives my mom absolutely NUTS.


I guess you share your story (to have people critique it) when you feel the most comfortable. Remember, this is YOUR story, and you don't have to ever share it with anyone, if you don't want to. I've done so with several of my (incompleted) story ideas. However, if you are serious about getting your book published *cough, cough, like I am* then you NEED TO LET PEOPLE READ IT! You'll never know your faults as a writer, otherwise.


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Re: when do u let some read what u write?

IMO, don't share your story until it is finished. Share it only with someone you can trust to give you honest feedback. Friends and relatives don't usually give you honest feedback.


Finding someone like that is harder than you think!

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Re: when do u let some read what u write?

Never, EVER share it until it's finished. You were right in assuming this.


I usually don't even let my FAMILY read it 'til it's out and published. And I usually don't give it to editors until after your own three or four drafts. And then it goes through one, two, or three editors, each editing for (in order):


 --Plot and Characters (including consistency of characters, plot holes, etc.)

 --Writing and Style (how things are worded)

 --Proofreading (grammar and spelling and stuff like that)


That's my two cents.



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Re: when do u let some read what u write?

Share your story when you want someone's opinion and you feel ready. If both these things aren't true, then wait.