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Re: Chapter 1: Look-out

LizzieAnn wrote:
I wonder how much if any contact there has been between these sisters in all those years.  From the narrator's comment that she wonders if she'd recognize her, it's obvious that they haven't seen each other; yet, she meekly accepts her sister's letter & the fact that Vivi is going to move in.  I'm interested into seeing why the narrator is so accepting.
The concept of time may also be of importance as we see the narrator's anxious that Vivi's late, yet she remarks how they always waited for Vivi - therefore she's always been late.  Since the narrator's something of a recluse, I'm wondering how she's going to accept and deal with this sister now living in her own closed-off little world.

It does seem even when Ginny and Vivi were younger, Ginny adored Vivi no matter what, so maybe she is a bit skepic but still wants to see her and will accept whatever reason Vivi has for entering her life at this late date.