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Re: You Know You're a SF/Fantasy Geek When...

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Ah I hope all, is doing better.

I know the feeling I've got a hospital chart that says "Patient is much stronger if morphine and anesthesia are mixed. Use caution.". I apparently bodily lifted a male orderly one armed, off the ground. No way I could do it sober, trust me.


Thanks for the concern, but those incidents were years ago.


I never lifted anyone off their feet. I did, though, object when a nurse was trying to insert a catheter -- they say that to control me, they tied my hands to the bedrails with twisted towels, which I promptly tore, and then they used leather straps. I still have the scar on my wrist where one of those cut into me when I broke it. They were probably very thankful that I was only trying to interfere with what they were doing, and I didn't seem to want to hurt anyone. The matter was settled when the doctor ordered a suitably-sized injection.


The kicker came when the insurance company refused to pay part of the bill -- they said I couldn't possibly have been given all the sedatives/anesthetics listed for that day.

Well, at least they didn't suture your ears to the gurney mattress. (An effective if unorthodox method of restraint occasionally used for combative people who use mind-altering substances.)

Yikes the thought of them giving you the substances and then mauling you because of the way you act on them. I didn't need that one.