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Re: weeds

becke_davis wrote:
One word: mulch!  Spring is the best time to replace the mulch on flower beds and around trees and shrubs.  It will not only help keep the temperature of the soil fairly constant, but it will stop the young weed seeds from germinating.  If you wait until May to do this, the weeds will have already dug in.

:smileyvery-happy:  You're speaking to a Southern Californian...where weeds have no season!  They think it's spring 365 days a year!  I'd love to mulch my flowers, but half of them are in my rock front yard. Ha! 


In my planters in the front, the rain sprouted all of the nice little 'weed seeds' as well as poppies, and allysum, and lavendar, and whatever else is taking a notion to grow!  I'm not sure what's a weed, and what's a 'real' flower right now...and the bulbs are popping up everywhere!  And it's not even Spring yet!


And Evan ends up taking his little shovel to dig holes in my flower beds to run his trucks and cars around on.  It's a lost cause I'm afraid!  But seriously, I told him we would grow a vegetable garden in the back yard this year, where he can dig 'til his hearts content.  He was excited about that.  We talked about the different kinds of vegetables, and what he likes to eat, and what plants grow the fastest.  Kids love the fast ones!


I helped him finish all of his homework yesterday, and part of it was to draw a picture and write a sentence to explain it.  He wanted to draw a picture of a garden, so we looked through some books, and he wrote:  "This is a garden."  He's only in kindergarten, so it was a big deal for him to draw and write this. 


I will go and get bags of mulch, though, and  we will give everything a good 'digging', and what comes back up will be what it will be.  And then plant those veggies!