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The novelist announced his mashup musical with the famous poet.

The working title is , "L.A.D.Y.  Chatterly Loves O.L.D. Possum Practical C.A.T.S."

The Wonderful World of Ozymandias


Follow Dorothy, The Tin Man, The Cowardly Lion, and the loveable Scarecrow as they journey through the ruins of the kingdom of Oz.   Will Dorothy’s clay slippers stand the test of time?


A book in two acts. Set in a typical Eastern suburb of Bullit Park where violence and suspense lurks just below the idyllic surface, The first half concerns Detective Elliot Nailles, a veteran police officer who is given the task of protecting a young state's witness and former ganster. However, the witness completely refuses to get out of bed, causing Nailles no end of grief and casting doubts on the true nature of the American dream. In the second half, disturbed neighbour Paul Hammer begins stalking the witness, and eventually kidnaps him. The story culminates in a epic and memorable chase through criss-crossing rows of cookie cutter houses exposing both the bland conformity and intense violence present in 1960's suburbia.
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One Hundred Yankee Years of Solitude

Many years later, as he faced the media, Joe Torre was to remember that distant afternoon when his father took him to discover baseball. At that time the Bronx was a village of twenty adobe houses, built on the bank of the Hudson river of clear water that ran along a bed of polished stones, which were white and enormous, like prehistoric eggs.
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Scarlet Letter to a Christian Nation


Provocative author Sam Harris challenges his audience in this audacious sequel to his best-seller The End of Keeping Faith.  In this scorching essay, Harris proposes that all Christians wear an embroidered red letter ‘C’ on their chests so that the non-believers and “generally sane” people can quickly identify those who are “irrational, ignorant, and intolerant bigots.”  Sure to be on every neighborhood book club’s reading list. 


Portrait of a Lady as a Young Man



Henry James’ comedy of manners follows a cross-dressing prostitute in the streets of Dublin.   Inventive stream-of-consciousness writing style marked the beginning of a new genre in literature and made the words “moo-cow” and “girlyman” part of the modern lingo.   



Adam and Eve, recently expelled from Eden, go on a massive 3 day bender!


If Ray Milland plays the role of Adam and Jane Wyman assumes the role of Eve, does the proverbial snake than play Howard Da Silva's part as the bartender? Talk about temptation! The apple then becomes a tumbler of whisky?

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When Nell Trent discovers that a plant in her grandfather's Curiosity Shop is trying to eat him out of house and home, little Nell convinces her grandfather to abandon their home. Together, they journey across the English countryside, experiencing many adventures. Nell becomes a teen sensation when she is hired by Mrs. Jarley to perform in a traveling musical. She enjoys her newfound popularity until she discovers that the man-eating plant from the Curiosity Shop has followed her grandfather and her, seeking a part in the musical. To Nell's horror, she learn that the plant is bribing her grandfather with the intent of eating Mrs. Jarley. Thus, Nell dispenses with her comfortable lifestyle and once again flees with her grandfather.
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 Les Misery


The classic horror tale of Jean Valjean wrongly imprisoned and tortured by his most devoted fan.   A rousing ending where the citizens of a small New England town take to the streets armed with pitchforks and ski poles provides the needed catharsis for this epic novel.  This publication coincides with the film release starring Gerald Depardieu and Kathy Bates.   


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The Telltale Tart: Martha Stewart investigates when a dead body is found by Poe's grave, and the coroner finds that the victim choked to death -- on a cherry tart!


The Girl with the Tatooine Dragon: The story of the girl Luke Skywalker left behind, and the dragon who saved her.


Pride and Prepositions: Lynne Truss is back!


Pudd'nhead Wilson's War:  Pudd'n head Wilson heads back to court, as Tom Sawyer takes on Huck Finn in the battle for America's Top Mark Twain Character.

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Robert Louis Stevenson and Robert B. Parker

Dr. Spenser and Mr. Hawk solve crimes in downtown Boston while attempting to control their own inner demons.


Though never actually seen together, Spenser and Hawk are reported to be two separate people, but are they? 


Susan Silverman, Spenser's love interest and a lawyer by trade, has become wary of her beau. His violent outbursts are becoming more frequent and who is this Mr. Hawk character he keeps talking about? 


 When Mr. Hawk is accused of trampling a small girl, it's up to Spenser and Silverman to solve this convoluted crime. How will this one play out?

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Riddler on the Roof

Set in pre-"No Man's Land" Gotham, the novel (and subsequent stage play) is based upon the stories of Robert Kane.

Edward Nygma is a costumed villain coping with a host of problems;


  • A world unware of his mental prowess
  • The day-to-day problems of super villainy
  • His cantakerous henchmen
  • City sanctioned violence in the form of the Batman


On the Road by Jack Kerouac and Cormac McCarthy

Can I ask you something, Dean? Sal said.




Are we Beat?


Sometimes. Not now.


And we're still going west.


Dig it.


So we'll be hip.




Dig what?


Nothing. Just dig.




I'm going to blow out this reefer stick. Is that okay?


Yes. That's okay.


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Harry Potter meets Harry Bosch

Bosch reopens an investigation into the whereabouts of a missing boy with a peculiar scar on his forehead.


Who is the boy?


Has he been abducted?


Why can't Bosch locate the boy's parents?


And what's a Hogwarts and could it be a clue?

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Synopsis: Journalist Schlosser argues that the slow food industry has triggered the growth of community gardening in America's landscape, widened the gap between things that taste just like chicken and actual chickens, fueled an epidemic of self-righteous epicureanism and banished American cultural standardbearers such as McDonalds and KFC to lonely outposts abroad. He discusses startling facts about food production and preparation, including the dirty secret behind "meat" (it comes from animals), the farmers' efforts to reel in young, susceptible consumers through beets and parsnips, and other unsettling facts.
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Sookie, despondent over the rules and regimes of paranormal society, and rejecting the advances of her many suitors which include prominent werewolves, vampires, & jackals, takes her own life by overdosing on sleeping draught.

On the Road

Were I to make Kerouac's classic novel into a film, first and foremost, I'd set it in the current day. Sal Paradise, played by the ever-youthful Tobey Macquire sets out from New York City, literally from the Ground Zero site, to "find" what's left of the American ideal in a time of economic depression, war in the Middle East, and a general lack of faith in mankind. Accompanying Sal is the anti-authoritarian, Dean Moriarity, played by Viggo Mortensen. Sal and Dean crisscross the country stopping in the ravaged remains of New Orleans, racing to avoid 1000 plus acre fires in California, and ultimately losing their car at gunpoint in Las Vegas. Like the novel, Sal finds some happiness, but in the end, is mainly left dejected by modern America.


Too dark and apocalyptic? What would you do different?

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Amir comes riding into Kabul wearing a fur fez just like the one Hamid Karzai wears, thinking, "I have come from California: a fur piece. All the way from Marin County a-walking. A fur piece." Now a successful novelist, Amir, in his fur piece, has returned to the country of his youth after receiving an enigmatic phone call advising him that there is a way to atone for his betrayal of his loyal childhood companion Joe Christmas, the harelipped kite runner, who in his mad flight to retrieve an imaginary kite, embraced death, entering "the street which ran for thirty years." "The whiskey died away in time and was renewed and died again, but the street ran on. From that night the thousand streets ran as one street...The street ran into Oklahoma and Missouri and as far south as Mexico and then back north to Chicago and Detroit and then back south again and at last to Mississippi..." That's one loyal servant!

Captain Jack Aubrey, accused of fathering a child out of wedlock, is relieved of his command. Stephen Maturin, doctor and spy, returns to England after a two year separation from Aubrey.


Will Aubrey reveal the mother of his child?


Can Maturin have his friend's command reinstated?


And why is Aubrey wearing that ridiculously large "A" on his pantaloons?

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Four teenage girls bond over a pair of Blue Jeans and when they are in possession of the magical article of clothing --really hunky guys from all different time periods fill the pants.  Dating, and engagement, and a possible beheading occur.
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